VIDEO: Creative studio THEORIZ creates VR experience that could change the future of theme parks

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Virtual reality is the latest technological craze. Haunted houses, theme parks and all kinds of entertainment providers are looking to VR as the future. The problem, though, is that it requires big clunky equipment that makes the whole experience uncomfortable.

That may have just changed though. THEORIZ, a creative studio that uses cutting edge technology to design unique entertainment experiences, has developed a mixed reality room.

WATCH a demo of the mixed reality room from THEORIZ:

The technology at work includes a tracking system that monitors the users movement throughout the space. Video projectors respond by creating virtual floors, walls and objects that warp the reality around the user.

In the future, applications for this technology could drive the evolution of experiences for theme parks and haunted attractions. Imagine the possibilities that stem from adding this to a Nintendo-themed dark ride or a Halloween Horror Nights house.

The future of virtual reality may have just taken a turn.

Source: Sploid

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