Comments for Trump to Speak When Hall of Presidents Adds New Animatronic Later This Year, Says Walt Disney World

President Trump


  1. USA

    It’s a Hall to honor presidents there should be no confusion here open it if you don’t like it don’t go I go never having voted for any of the modern presidents it’s not like you’re forced to visit it it’s a free choice
    Stop making every thing political
    Get over it

  2. Jenna Thorman

    I understand that the President has yet to make a recording. I think that you should just include him in the show without his speaking. For now. When he finally gets around to making the recording, add it. Don’t close The Hall of President’s indefinitely! It is a wonderful show that I have loved since I was a little girl. Lots of American history to be learned & experienced. Including the priceless works of art in the rotunda. Please, don’t deprive your guests of this American experience.

    1. frostysnowman

      Seems like a good compromise.

  3. Betsy

    Disney should not get trapped in politics.
    You have show of presidents, so show them.
    If you’re going to let your personal political views ruin the enjoyment of a fun experience in vacation, then maybe you need more than a vacation.

    1. Not maybe,….even the castmember of 30 years had a really snarky attitude when I walked up to the obviously shuttered hall to inquire as to when it might be open again. I kinda think he was reading a bit too much into why I was interested in seeing the updated version. It was clear to me,..being “off script”in the tone department, his rainbow apparently no longer included red white and blue. Too bad, those are the colors of MY CHOICE. I was fine with his even though the spectrum was a little darker….Once it resumes operation, manifestation of untreated psychiatric disorders will be all too apparent in people who want to create their dramatic episodes to drag the rest of everyone into their delusions by CHOOSING lack of self control and respect for others.They should be treated like any other guest who interferes with the operation of an attraction. Ruining the magic? Time for a different kind of vacation I would surely say.

      1. Kenneth

        ..was the reference to spectrum being a little darker a reference to the black President?

  4. Jeremy Jason

    I frequently heard some grumbles during the show when President Obama gave his speech, and I’m worried about how violent the quests could get when Trump speaks. It’s not Disney getting political, it’s guests who care sharing their beliefs strongly.

    1. Jefferson

      Down with the Republocrat anti American communists!

  5. Betsy

    No one is forcing them to visit the Hall. Just like if you don’t like Space Mt you choose not to go on it.
    I didn’t vote for W or 44 and I went to enjoy the show.
    If people get aggressive disney should remove them as they would anyone that instigates trouble anywhere in the park.
    People shouldn’t be intimidated to enjoy it for the respect of our Country.

  6. Joe

    I hope he wears a MAGA hat and says America first cause we are winning Bigly

    45 best potus ever!

    1. Ken

      What are you winning at??? He hasn’t accomplished anything in the past year. Seriously?

  7. Becky

    Just like I chose not to visit the attraction during the last presidents appearance, others can do the same thing if they chose. It’s to represent the choice given to Americans and that shouldn’t stop them from any change. I didn’t vote for the last one and made my choice not to attend that attraction….so if you don’t like this or didn’t vote this way, then stay to watch the muppets outside and simply keep going and enjoy the rest of the park.

  8. Ken

    Is he going to tell kids from other countries they can’t be in the park, or perhaps suggest they grab each other by the p***y???

    1. Jeremy

      Just like Muslims tell women to cover their body because female hair, neck, and ear are offensive to Islamic mens? Or just like how they force women to have their clitoris cut off? Do us all a favor and grab your tiny brain and throw it out the window.

  9. Fern

    History cannot be changed.If Disney chooses to remove Trump from this pavillion,my family and I will not renew any pass holder tickets that I have purchased since 1976.

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