Comments for REVIEW: Mysterious Package Company’s ominous mailings offer fun that lurks outside the box


  1. Joe Schmo

    I received the first letter, let me start by stating it came to my office, a professional firm, it appears to come from a Law Firm, which we receive several similar letters a week, on face value it looked a little unusual, however we performed a follow up letter addressed to the sender asking for more information, no response.

    Then the second letter arrived, with the same items as shown, completely inappropriate and not believable by anyone with even average intelligence.

    So, the first letter resulted in 2 hours of correspondence directed towards a non-existent entity, costing my firm valuable time and effort assuming it was legitimate, the second letter basically unsolicited junk mail.

    I performed an online search and discovered the “Mysterious Package Company”

    Which essentially creates a mystery by sending repeated bit of information culminating with a box full of trinkets.

    I immediately contacted them and threatened to file a lawsuit if they did not stop sending me garbage, and I did not care who paid for it and regarded it as offensive, they replied that the mailings would cease.

    I have enough to do in my life without playing games and that is all this is, a waste of money and a waste of my time.

    Someone paid $200.00 for what wound up costing my company five times that in lost productivity.

    1. disa

      Wow. Looking at these replies, I can only offer one bit of advice: Don’t send a mysterious package to anyone who lacks curiosity and imagination.

    2. Stay Maddaboutit

      You seem fun.

    3. Julian Sorel

      I agree totally with the above comment. I, too, got these mailings and threw them away until I learned it was a gift. Total waste of time and money!!!! And do not say I lack imagination. I am a teacher and a writer.

  2. Josh

    At first I received a letter which looked like a scam and I threw it away, though I admit it was printed on good card stock and had expensive postage on it. Then my parents asked if I got their birthday present a week or two later and I replied I had not. So they contacted the post office who sourced and sourced and said it was delivered. Soon another of the same “scam” letters came and I realized it was the gift. After another couple weeks all kinds of newspaper clippings and half completed postcards and such arrived, some in foreign languages. All were basically unrelated. Several more came before some weird constellation design on metal and wood which is pretty cool though the back has a cryptic message that does not appear to coincide with any other clippings either. I finally got a letter saying my gift has concluded. To be fair, I am interested, but hello, there is no way to piece together this stuff and each clipping or item does not appear to go with any other. So, if the goal is to get people to get excited about getting mail, then yes its done well. The quality of each postcard/letter looks pretty good and the metal/wood constellation thing is kinda nifty and of decent quality. But if there is an actual idea to make each mailed item go together in a sort of story that is revealed at the end, then massive failure (at least for my particular adventure/gift). I think they should make it a cohesive story of some sort that the recipient tries to piece together. If thats possible, or maybe it is on different adventures, then ok. Mine on the other hand…I am just left with questions.

    1. David

      I think it is likely the first mailing likely explained a lot of what you’re lacking in story. I would post more details but Google would pick up on the wording and it would likely ruin the experience through a google search for someone else.

  3. Shannon D

    We figured out our experience over Christmas vacation and it was sooo fun. If you like puzzles and sluething and trying to figure out mysteries, you will love these. The puzzles are not easy. We thought it was some of the best family fun we had in a long time. FYI my whole family is adult aged – no young kids and some of it might not have been very appropriate for young kids.

  4. Paul

    Wow, way to make your husband feel bad for attempting to buy you a thoughtful present!! you must be a real catch.

  5. BigV

    I received one of these as a present. I’m tending to agree with most of what you say. Where do you start? There is no mention of ‘paying’ for more ‘fun’, anywhere. I got the Gods of the ‘in the middle’ of the ‘madness’? the end, the beginning? You refer to a flash drive, but one wasn’t in mine.

  6. Paul Romano

    I got the package in the mail about some weird Norse monster. At first I threw it in the mail. Junk mail I thought. Wife told me my son had bought it for me. So I read every mailing. Still junk mail. Finally some hideous statue of the Kracken arrived. I put it in the attic. Total waste of money and time!!!!!!!!

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