The Bat Cave is silent; Adam West has passed away

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It is with a very sad hearts that we report that Adam West has left the Bat Cave.  Mr. West, best known for his role in the extremely popular 1960’s campy superhero television show “Batman.”

His sincere demeanor and dry delivery of witty quips not only lent itself to the ABC series but helped land the actor several voice roles in contemporary animation TV shows

Born on September 19, 1928, William West Anderson changed his name to Adam West in 1959 as he started his acting career appearing in westerns.  Prior to his Hollywood debut, West was a disc jockey and appeared in the Hawaiian television show “The Kini Popo Show.”  His role as Agent Q in Nestle Quick TV commercials landed him the iconic Bruce Wayne/Batman role in 1966.


This early commercial for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is an endearing look at Adam West’s early acting career before “Batman.”  Of note: Paul Frees (the Haunted Mansion Ghost Host) narrates.


The Batman television show and movie made it difficult for West to get acting roles after the series was cancelled. However his acting career was revitalized as voice talent for several animated television shows.

Adam West appeared as himself in “the Simpsons.”

He was Mayor Adam West in “Family Guy.”

He also appeared “Johnny Bravo” and “the Fairly Odd Parents.”

On the SpongeBob SquarePants series he resumed the superhero mantle as Mermaid Man.

Disney fans will recognized Mr. West’s voice as the Wise Old Parrot from “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”

And as the voice of Ace in “Chicken Little”

A full list of Adam West’s acting appearances can be found on IMDB, as well as an in depth biography.

While known as a very private man, Adam West (along with Burt Ward) made several pop culture convention appearances, delighting fans of the Dynamic Duo with each autograph.

His warm heart, sincere voice and genuine personality will be greatly missed.  While he won the hearts of hundreds of adoring fans, Mr. West lost his battle with Leukemia.  He was 88 when he passed away on June 9, 2017.

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