Adagio Teas offers fun flavors from all fandoms, blending delicious brews from Butterbeer to BB-8

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It’s time to ditch the coffee addiction in favor of a fine cup of tea. And what better way to celebrate your favorite pop culture franchise than with Adagio’s fandom tea blends. Inspired by more fandoms than we can count, Adagio features teas based on Disney theme park attractions, popular movies and TV shows. Even a few literary concoctions get some attention. The best part is that they are all delicious.

We’ve written about their tea blends inspired by The Haunted Mansion before. Now let’s take a look at a few of our favorite flavors from these unique tea makers.

Butterbeer – The familiar aroma of this signature “Harry Potter” drink arrives with this tea blend. It’s not identical to what you’ll find at Universal Studios’ theme parks, but why should it be? It’s tea! Add a little cream and sugar to sweeten it to your taste if needed.

Pumpkin King – Why wait for fall to dive into the wonderful world of pumpkin flavors. With a dash of cinnamon, a kick of masala chai, and a bit of ginger, this tea tastes like it jumped right out of Halloween Town.

Hannibal Lecter Tea – Described as “dark, elegant, and complex,” this tea inspired by the prematurely-canceled TV show is interesting enough to serve with an elaborate, homemade meal. You choose the meat.

Infin8tea – Ever had tea inspired by a droid? This combination of cream and chocolate with hints of caramel and orange are exactly what you might think BB-8 would taste like. Okay – that’s a little weird. But, the box sure is cute!

Fantasyland – Lighten the mood with a bit of whimsy inspired by the Mad Tea Party itself. Vanilla and forest berries add a little something to this Earl Grey tea.

Jafar – Those looking for something a bit darker will find a Disney Villain collection that’s worth tasting. This tea is reminiscent of Agrabah itself, hot and dry while simultaneously spicy. Spiced Apple Chai and ceylon will wake you up with notes of apple to round this flavor out.

Stark Winterbrew – Not all that dissimilar from the above, this “Game of Thrones” inspired tea will warm up any cold winter that may be coming with a comforting combination of spice and caramel.

Now, it’s worth noting that these are all loose leaf teas, so some kind of infuser will be needed to enjoy them. Adagio sells small single-use bags but I prefer a reusable infuser like a tea ball strainer ($7 on Amazon):

The best bang for your buck at Adagio is definitely their sample tin. It claims to make just 5 cups of tea, but I’ve been able to stretch it far more than that. At just $5, it’s quite a steal.

There are literally hundreds of fandom tea blends to choose from and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a flavor inspired by your favorite. So head over to Adagio to check them all out now.

Disclaimer: Adagio supplied ITM with tea for the purposes of this review.

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