VIDEO: Ride Disney’s original Star Tours, recreated in full 4K 360-degree glory

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The Immersarium is at it again. You may remember Gregory Noacco’s incredible project from back in 2015 that recreated classic Disney attractions. Well, now he’s given us a beautifully done 4K 360-degree video on YouTube of the original version of Star Tours.

So grab your smart phone or strap on your favorite VR headset and enjoy the classic attraction once again…


Finally, fans of the original ride can get back into the cockpit with Rex as they journey all over the galaxy.

Visit the original project online.


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    Nice concept, but I’m not sure the execution is all that good. That’s the problem with trying to recreate practical effects on a low budget. Would be nice if he could somehow get the original footage from the simulator and just keep the CG environment, but swap out the video. Not really liking the Atari characters thrown in to replace people in costume and the CG looks like 90’s TV era, making it look even cheesier than the original footage.

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      Internet Avenger

      You’re not the expert we’re looking for MOVE ALONG, MOVE ALONG. Clowns like you really annoy me, you probably can’t program your phone and you’re critiquing this guys effort? Unless you can offer up something better, shhhhhhh!

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    Harlowe Thrombey

    It’s absolutely amazing. A very wonderful re-creation. But i hate the Atari characters. Particularly at the end. It’s very important to see the ducking dockworker. The Space Invaders alien is a very poor substitute.

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