Comments for VIDEO: Massive Opening Day Line for ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar’ Draws Thousands to New Walt Disney World Land

Pandora - The World of Avatar Grand Opening


  1. Harley

    Thanks for the great advice and video . To add all fast passes are taken till Thursday of this wk at all parks last I was on the experience site just fyi for everyone! We were at a very crowded mk yesterday and they are expecting many visitors than excepted due to Pandora! They also said regular guests weren’t supose to be aloud into Pandora till noon today so if you got in before the crowd you were quite Lucky! Though searching further into fp in experience does leave hope for future dates at least for river adventure you can get fps for it. Flight of passage I have no doubt will be unavailable for some time. Between this and rivers as a Disney fan I am glad to see this park get love! Esp bc Walt Disney loved conservation and would have been proud of this park and it’s message.

  2. Rico

    I was there today, it was insane , I entered the park at 7am wait 2 hrs to get into Pandora, once in the line for ‘FOP’ it was a 4hr wait almost exactly, the ride is the best 3D/4D simulator hands down compared to Simpson’s, Star Wars, etc.
    River Journey was another 3 hr wait so that was a no go for today. I will never go at a New attraction opening at a theme park again. But the scenery was good, wasn’t too special like they made it out to be but it was decent.

  3. Pam Barton

    Allowed! And they basically didn’t allow once you were there and waited. Disney did a horrible job with Pandora offering! Worst ever!!!

  4. Kyra Sudgens

    I have no idea why anyone would waste a full day of beautiful weather standing in a hot line. I just can’t fathom it. Pandora will be here for years to come – what is the pack mentality of “I have to be there first”? Life is short people!

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