Comments for Steam-Powered Fun, Part One: Disney Retro-Future Features Steampunk-Style Attractions


  1. Voxel

    Slight correction, the Journey To The Center of the Earth is based around the same “slot car” technology used in Test Track And Radiator Springs. Not a roller coaster.

    1. Michael Gavin

      Thank you for the clarification. I’ve updated that part of the story

      1. Voxel

        It’s no problem at all. Glad I could help 😀

  2. Joe

    Another correction. In this article you state Discovery Bay was a shelved proposed expansion for Walt Disney World. It wasn’t. However, the article you have it hyperlinked to DOES have the correct information saying it was in mind for Disneyland.

    As an aside, I was hoping for a direct mention of WDW’s extinct 20K as the progenitor for Disney’s in-park use of the Nautilus.

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