New virtual reality tech from Holovis transforms roller coasters into a choose-your-own-adventure experience

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Holovis, a company that works with other brands to develop immersive experiences, has announced a new concept that’s going to make riding roller coasters a truly unique experience.

Real-time rendering motion control combined with content personalization allows guests to be completely in control of their experience on thrill rides for the first time. Holovis has been working alongside Kuka Robotics and BEC Engineering to transform the existing two-person KukaCoaster system into a four-person immersive experience that’s expected to launch later in 2017.

In its current form, the KukaCoaster is a 6-axis robot with a gondola for two people mounted on its arm. It allows for freely programmable movement combinations, so guests are always surprised by the ride.

With the addition of Holovis technology, riders will wear virtual reality headsets that perfectly sync up visuals with the movements of the Kuka Robot. Game play content created by the Holovis media team is rendered in real time, so each guest experiences something different based on their choices and achievements within the game. Holovis Interact technology tracks users’ hands within the VR world to allow for natural movement with the headset.

To keep riders from feeling totally isolated in their own world, head tracking technology allows guests to be represented in-character and in-location in relation to everyone else on the ride.

External effects like wind, scent, and heat can be added to fully immerse riders in the world of the game. These kinds of effects are currently in use on many attractions, but combined with the state-of-the-art VR headset, riders will disappear into the experience on a whole new level.

To experience a bit of what riding a KukaCoaster is like, you can visit Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios, which uses Kuka technology.

You can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the KukaCoaster in this video from Kuka Robotics.


The new technology from Holovis will be unveiled at Asian Attractions Expo, taking place from June 14 – 16 in Singapore.

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