Comments for Interactive “Rocket Breakout” Game Asks Fans to Save the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ via Facebook Chat


  1. Andrew Jones

    Finished it you get a free digital comic book at the end of it 🙂

    1. Colin

      What’s the code?

  2. Caleb Pifer

    Finished it!

    1. Jakup

      How did u find the code

  3. Pretty simple little scavenger hunt. Fun digital comic at the end. Groovy.

    1. Jakup

      How did u find the code

  4. James

    I don’t get it….where do you find the codes? I tried to search for “Pinterest Land of Castles and Princesses” but didn’t find a thing!

    1. Jack

      I am with you there James. I saw a picture with Rocket and Groot, but couldn’t find anything that resembles a code. Any help would be great for sure.

  5. Jakup

    Need help finding the code

    1. Jack

      So do I Jakeup. So do I

  6. Steve Cannon

    The first code is on the official Disneyland Pinterest. I’m stuck on the Facebook one for Quill. I can’t find find it anywhere!

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