At Home Imagineering: Custom “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” home theater is a Disney fan’s dream

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For this edition of At Home Imagineering, we dive into a different kind of adventure.  Golden Oak is an exclusive residential community at Walt Disney World in Florida.  Within its multi-million-dollar mansions, one Disney fan has taken décor to a new depths.

Instead of just adding pixie dust to an already established room or home, a contractor was hired to create an entirely immersive (pun intended) “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” home theater.

Bruce Barry’s Wacky World Studios, a company crafting themed environments for museums and churches, has expertly crafted an amazing “Nautilus” steampunk styled room for this Golden Oak home.  The install included three large port-holes that feature a recreation of the classic Walt Disney World attraction.  The illusion depicts undersea activity and resembles a large aquarium.

Inspired by the main view port onboard the “Nautilus”, a final oversized port-hole allows sunlight to illuminate the room. Standing on either side of this are two armed, full sized divers clad in gear that could very well have come directly from Captain Nemo’s crew.

Additional steampunk finishes and floor embellishments await the captain’s orders to dive.  Deep red couches resemble the furniture seen on the spectacular submarine.

Centerpiece in this fantastic voyage to the bottom of the sea is a replica of Captain Nemo’s pipe organ, begging to belt out Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.” This particular ornate organ hides a secret.  A large flat screen television even rises up on demand from behind the keys.

Visit the Wacky World Studios website to see dozens of examples of their custom work.

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Source and Images: Wacky World website and Facebook page

in Disney, Movies, Walt Disney World

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