“Friday the 13th” video game finally arrives with gloriously gory gameplay

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Back in May of last year, news emerged of a brand new video game in development. We learned that Tom Savini would be directing Kane Hodder as Jason Vorhees for a fully immersive Friday the 13th video game.

Now the wait is over. Camp Crystal Lake is open!

On Friday, May 26th, “Friday the 13th The Game,” went live; Jason has been unleashed.  The summer camp slasher sensation of the seventies is back and playable, both as the monster killer, Jason Vorhees (in various versions) and his would-be victim-type camp counselors.

WATCH – Warning Graphic (gore) content:

Currently available as a digital download on three platforms, the gory game gives fans a chance to ratchet up the kill count and play as Jason himself.  Otherwise, players must try to survive his machete as one of ten camp counselors.

Friday the 13th: the Game was originally targeted for an October 2016 bloodbath, but is only now coming online. There were a few hiccups experienced by the game’s first weekend warriors prompting Gun Media to shut down the servers and address the glitches.  However, servers are back online (though developers still have a few kinks to work out).

For now, fear fans only have the option to download the iconic horror game, which is available for PS4, XboxOne and PC (via Steam).  Cost for the game is $39.99. Additional downloadable content is promised in the near future.

Source & Images: Friday the 13th The Game website and Facebook page

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