Comments for Disney Villain Digest: The always-perilous Pete


  1. anonymous

    If anyone asks me, I sometimes hate Pete for being a troublemaker. My least favorite version of him is his appearance as the Ghost of Christmas Future. And that makes me want to blow his head off.

    My second-to-least fave counterpart Pete is his appearance in The Prince and the Pauper. Boy, does he make me want to kill him?

    As for other versions of Pete that I dislike, I hate him for being abusive to his son, PJ, who I’m similar to in that I’ve been mistreated a lot by my dad. And so, I wish that PJ got back at him and gets rewarded for it.

    But my favorite version of Pete is the one in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because it’s his friendliest version. Of course, I can’t stand those who that counterpart of his. Then again, I like heroes and dislike villains.

  2. anonymous

    I hate those who like Pete. And how’s he not a villain? Haven’t you seen his behavior?

  3. Sarah

    In kingdom Hearts Pete gets called useless by Maleficent and then his gets all sad.

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