Aerial Transportation Sytem for Walt Disney World confirmed

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There has been a lot of speculation recently that Walt Disney World would be getting an aerial transportation system to connect some of key spots on property, but today that rumor has been confirmed as true.

Documents from the Reedy Creek Improvement District have finally brought a stamp of validation to the widespread rumor, and they indicate there will be six stations and three routes that connect Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Caribbean Beach Resort, Pop Century Resort and Art of Animation hotel. Each cab, or “gondola” as the  aerial cars are generally called, would hold ten people and ferry them back and forth for easy and convenient transportation.

Source: Orlando Sentinel


  1. frostysnowman

    10 people per cab? That doesn’t seem very efficient.

    1. DaveJones

      Thank you.

    2. Rico

      Well I wouldn’t more weight to cause a malfunction, 10 per car( I’d would start to stink lets be real), every 3min of nonstop transportation, no gas (they use a lot of solar now) , and it’s mostly from hotels to the parks not really a mainstream transit system to carry all guest from gate to parking and so forth. Seems they have advantages for both Disney & the consumer.
      As the consumer we want all about us but reality business is business there has to be careful thought on say an 100mil project if not more.

  2. Gabe

    I’ve read that dispatch times could be as low as every 40-50 seconds. 900 guests per hour seems pretty good to me for this route. Assuming the Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation have full buses running every 15 minutes to one of the parks on the route, capacity looks at least on par, but with the benefit of continuous loading.

  3. Amy

    Any word on how Orlando weather might affect this form of transport? Specifically thunderstorms with lightning.

    1. Freddie

      Very very frightening, me!

      1. $2buck Chuckle Norris

        Galileo, Galileo, Galileo figaro magnifico o-o-o-o

    2. Gabe

      I think the individual tower supports will be conductors. I also read that the cabs are designed to be detachable from the cables in case of emergency. Counterintuitive, but it sounds safer than the monorail.

  4. Jeany Sanchez

    I can’t wait this is awesome news!

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