Comments for Pandora – the World of Avatar Previews Set for Early May at Walt Disney World, Registration Open to Passholders, DVC Members


  1. Litmarie


  2. Maria

    As a right now going to link does not let me register.

  3. Ricky Brigante

    Keep trying – Disney’s servers are overloaded.

  4. Brooke

    Does anyone know if they’ll have soft openings for the general public? We will be there around that time but aren’t passholders. 🙁

  5. Ken

    Has anyone had any luck getting this yet?

  6. Juan

    you’re giving the wrong link… I went to the resource site, clicked on their link and it worked… the link found on this page takes you to someone else partially created form and it will never work.

    1. Ken

      can you share the right link?

  7. Kevin

    I can’t get past verify guest stage. It won’t even let me click on primary guest.

    1. Kevin

      Got in with your second, revised link. Woo hoo.

      1. keith

        what is the revised link? I’ve been trying since 10. can’t get past verify guest stage

        1. Kevin

          Sorry, just saw this. When they updated the story, the second link for annual pass holders took me to a different location than it originally did.

  8. David

    Yesss. May 17th – evening slot. It said a three minute queue but it took about one minute to get onto the page

  9. Zack

    How does one make sure they are on the mailing list to get these ? Totally missed it.

  10. Reagan


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