Comments for Special event lets you preview Pandora in-person with Imagineer Joe Rohde at Walt Disney World

Joe Rohde


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    I’ll pay it if he promises to finally fix the yeti next.

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      It’s a structural thing it will have to be redone the load of the yetis bent the frame. In order to make it functioning they would have to tear mtn apart and reinforce/rebuild it. I think with all they are doing with video work a projection type thing would be best we will get.

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    That’s sorta the problem with ‘we’ve never done this before’… sometimes you find out the hard way why someone hasn’t ever done something before…aka ‘it breaks in some fundamental way’. I too wish the yeti wasn’t static, but I also totally understand why it is and don’t hate them for it or anything. Someday, Everest will need a major refurb, like Big Thunder, and Space Mountain, and all the rest of them, and they’ll have to shut it down for a year or so. Then, they’ll hopefully be able to pull out the damaged sections and reinforce it, and/or install a new yeti that isn’t quite so violent (but still moves).

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