Comments for Star Wars Celebration 2017 panel schedule revealed, from “The Last Jedi” to the Closing Ceremony


  1. I just can wait to see the first teaser trailer of star wars the last Jedi then a sneak peek of star wars rebels season 4 plus a poster at star wars celebrations I am a huge star wars fan so then upcoming force Friday 2 in September 1 I love star wars then upcoming graphic novel of star wars the last Jedi prelude I’m ready

  2. on friday march 31 its my 33rd birthday and i want the star wars fans to sing me happy birthday on social media but star wars celebration will reveal star wars the last jedi trailer this year i love star wars if they reveal the season 4 trailer of star wars rebels plus a poster of star wars rebels then brand new poster of star wars the last jedi with rey finn poe kylo and all the characters posters and teaser of star wars battlefront 2 video game in the holiday season

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