'Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon' Soft Opens at Universal Orlando, Packed with 'Tonight Show' Insanity - Inside the Magic

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  1. anyonumus

    ok a few problems with the queue system what if a lose the card or get to distracted to see its color light up? and the rooms might feel more like being in a sardine can than a line in busy days oh yeah do i wait to get in the building or do immideitley enter lobby 1 appon first arrival

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      1) The Team Members will let you pass through even if you don’t realize that your color has been called as long as you realize it within an acceptable timeframe.

      2) That is possible, but there are some sitting areas on the upper floor.

      3) There is a short line before reaching the lobby area; however, it is not a long distance. I will say that the queue seemed to move quickly today. I almost didn’t have enough time to look at everything in the waiting areas.

      1. Anoumus

        Thanks for that althoough if i lose the card AND i forget my color what happens then? Hmmm

        1. JeniLynn Knopp

          You should test it out and get back to us. 🙂

  2. Not sharing

    “It’s here that guests are told no photography or video recording is allowed on the ride, so you’ll have to head to Universal Orlando to see it in person”….. yet you continue to take pictures…it’s these kind of disrespectful activities that has made me stop following this site…is Ricky still involved anymore? He used to be very respectful to Disney, Universal and Sea World. I wish all of the parks would pull your APs because you constantly violate the agreement/rules.

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      While we appreciate your concern with regards to respecting the attractions, we can assure you that no photography or video was taken during the ride. Photographs of the room where people take their seats (as well as every section before it ) are permitted. The Team Members were very aware of our cameras and even assisted in pointing out many of the intricacies of the ride so that we could show our readers the details of their attraction in pictures and video.

      You can also be assured that Ricky is at the helm of this ship. If he isn’t taking care of something personally, he is overseeing it. Largely, though, he is the one directing what you see happen on the site and on our social media platforms, so all is well 🙂

      1. Not sharing

        Well I will delete this comment and apologize. My assumption was incorrect if the cast members at Universal were showing you were to take pictures.I remember watching the whole Kong ride and Frozen ride on your site and am pretty sure both of those attractions have no video taping especially during the soft open phase.

        1. JeniLynn Knopp

          I appreciate you extending the apology. Please don’t worry about it further. We have our video posted now, and you will be able to see some of the Team Members directing the camera through the queue.

  3. Not sharing

    I can’t figure out how to delete the comment 🙁

    1. Clint Beastwood

      Let this be a lesson to practice restraint next time.

  4. Zoey

    How do we know when the ride is doing soft openings? Is it at certain times of the day or all day?

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      Unfortunately, soft openings don’t have definite schedules. All we can tell you is that the official opening is scheduled for April 6.

  5. Mary

    Is it wheel chair accessible

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      I can’t confirm that it is since I didn’t experience it with a wheelchair; however, it is probably safe to assume that it is wheelchair accessible since I believe the laws deem that every new attraction must be. Just don’t quote me on that.

  6. Otto

    Thanks for this great preview, JeniLynn.
    I wasn’t expected to be blown away by this ride, there is so much you can do with this limited space. That said, I’m very impressed what they did with that space because it looks like an entertaining way to spent my time. Above that I like the outside that is better fitting for the location. The live performances where a huge surprise. Looking forward to ride it in the future. I’m also looking forward to your final review when rehearsal is done.

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      Thank you, Otto! 🙂

  7. gennie

    So is this going to be a actually ride similar to transforms and Spiderman or is it like the minions ride at universal Hollywood when you only move back and forth in front and don’t move anywhere in front of a huge screen

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      This ride is more in line with the Minions ride in the sense that the theater is moved with hydraulics and is not on a track.

  8. Garaan

    In a way I think it’s hilarious that the queue is better than the ride, but then again given the subject matter I’m not surprised. I honestly haven’t watched the Tonight Show since Leno left, but that said, the movie/tv buff in me geeked out at all the displays showcasing things from the eras even before me. If nothing else, it should be easy enough to fix, or even replace, the ride in the future while leaving the queue functional. In fact, that system strikes me as absolute genius, though they may run into a little trouble with colorblind individuals. I dunno, maybe the colors are still distinguishable enough they can be identified.

  9. anyonumus

    ok with that previous comment off my chest is there a blurprint or a diagram of how that certian theater works? it doenst look like your typically “sim box” but more of a normal theater

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