Paramount Park prepares to become ‘British Disneyland’ as new details emerge for 388-acre UK theme park

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We reported on Paramount Park a few years back, but we now have some updates to share about the incredible 388-acre theme park resort planned for the UK.

Paramount Park

The plans for the park have a scope that is on par with the major theme parks of the USA. For that reason, it has been affectionately nicknamed “British Disneyland.”

However, the park has no connection with The Walt Disney Company. In fact, its connection will be with that of a rival media behemoth: Parmount.

Paramount Park

Paramount Park–as it will actually be called–is destined for Kent in an area that used to formerly be a landfill. The “trashy” spot is going to be getting a serious makeover, though, costing up to £2 billion. Once the makeover is complete, the residents of Kent will have a park styled like a Hollywood fairground to call their own.

Paramount Park

The plans released by London Resort Company Holdings have confirmed five “zones” within the park:

  • Adventure Isle
  • Port Bay
  • Myth Legends Castle
  • Entertainment City
  • Port Plaza

Each zone is expected to have rides for a range of ages. Likewise, there will be attractions for thrill seekers as well as more passive experiences for those that might not be as adventurous. A “carnival” is also supposed to take place daily as well as an evening “spectacular” that celebrates various Paramount pictures and a West End quality production in one of the park’s planned indoor or outdoor theaters.

Paramount Park

A spokesman for the park’s developer described the park’s venues as showcasing “Paramount films, BBC and Aardman productions” in addition to “live comedy acts and concerts.”

Paramount Park

Work for the park will begin in 2019. Opening day is expected for some point in 2021.



  1. Stewart hogg

    That’s brilliant it will be fantastic having something like that in Britain, Disneyland should have come to Britain not France it doesn’t feel right being in France having been there I did not like it as it felt weird.

  2. John Russell

    This is going to be a fantastic place to visit. 17 minutes by train to Ebbsfleet International Station, It is going to be bigger and better than any of the present Disney Theme Parks. But before that, there is going to be a great opportunity for Jobs of every discription you can think of. They are talking of nearly 10,000 Job vacancies to start in construction alone. The Area around Northfleet and Gravesend will have to cater for those workers from late next year. Workers need accomodation. House prices in the Northfleet, Swanscome will double if not treble. I recomended my son to buy a house now. The houses in the Northfleet and swanscombe are a quarter of what you pay in London. But I dont think that will be for long. Also to set up a little business would be good. because there is going to be a huge customer platform. I cant wait.

    1. Rebekka

      At 338 acres, this park will be a fraction of the size of the Walt Disney World resort, which is 40 square miles, or 25,600 acres. Shanghai Disneyland is 963 acres. Disneyland Paris is 4,800 acres. So no, this will not be bigger. Whether it is better remains to be seen – I think I’ll reserve judgement until it’s actually open

  3. John

    I doubt this will actually be realised.. I give it a 15% chance of working out.

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