BBC theme park could feature Doctor Who, Top Gear, Star Trek in newly announced Paramount Pictures deal

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BBC Worldwide has signed a deal to lend its popular properties to a new £2bn Paramount Pictures theme park in England.

BBC shows including “Doctor Who” and “Top Gear” could become part of this park, set to open by Easter 2020.

The 900-acre site sits next to Ebbsfleet International railway station and will include rides, shows, and thousands of hotel rooms.

Early renderings seem to hint at Star Trek and Mission: Impossible being prominent parts of the park as well.


  1. Cruisey

    Being a huge disney fan, theme park enthusiast and frequenting orlando almost 12 times in my 32 years on this Earth, this place on my door step sounds fantastic. Great for local community, job creation and regeneration of the area plus nice to be able to put a British stamp on these themes and show the world what we have learned from places such as disney. I can’t wait but florida will also always be the place for me

  2. Jerry

    This park looks fantastic!! I’m definitely going to hit up this theme park when it opens in 2020! I bet Paramount is pissed now that they sold the Transformers theme park rights to Universal. Oh well, Paramount still has tons of other great franchises that it can base rides (and shows) off of (Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, and Jack Ryan).

  3. Amy powis

    Where would it be possible to apply for a job to work there.

  4. EricJ

    Starfleet Headquarters looks very nice… 🙂

    Still, the BBC/Paramount deal might explain why the BBCAmerica cable channel–who currently has an exec who HATES vintage 70’s-80’s BBC–has been replacing all their classic Monty Python and Upstairs Downstairs with Star Trek: Next Generation.
    I mean, it wouldn’t make -sense- otherwise, would it?

  5. Eric

    Whatta Universal Studios-inspiration!

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