Comments for Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT Construction Nears Completion at Disneyland Resort


  1. anyonumus

    this looks great but what i really want to see is the interior

  2. Ken Hutchinson

    Between this new ride and the Cars ride I am seriously thinking Disneyland one year instead of WDW

  3. gennie

    any idea on how the ride is going to be like

  4. Garaan

    The ride, fundamentally, is going to be the same as it was. As far as I know, the track and functionality of it is identical to ToT (which explains why they got this done so fast.) It’s just ‘Marvel GoG overlay’ instead of ‘1930s haunted hotel’ overlay.

  5. TimP

    Looks amazing. The details are much more ornate than the original Tower of Terror. I love the paint job.

  6. Superior

    This looks like hell…wtf were they thinking?

  7. Jay

    This looks….bbaadddd….like 6th Grade art project bad. And I’m not talking about a talented 6th grader’s art project either. I’m talking about a 6th grader who threw something together at the last minute so they could get a passing grade bad.

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