Comments for The Dress Shop opens at Walt Disney World, giving you an official way to go Disneybounding


  1. Nicole

    Can we get more information on pricing and sizing of the dresses?

  2. Roy

    Another store designed primarily for women. When will Disney understand that men do have disposable incomes to buy everything Disney?

    1. Ella

      There’s actually a store in the same marketplace area called Twenty Eight and Main…100% designed and marketed to men. This is the first time Disney has released a whole collection of dresses designed for adult women. (As opposed to the usual junior sizing that you see at the parks, marketed towards teens and young girls.) Go find something better to complain about.

      1. Doug

        Twenty Eight and Main is ALL t-shirts with some additional random accessories (baseball hats and waterbottles). It is NOT a high end men’s fashion store.

    2. Susan

      Wow. Incredible misogynistic. Looks like someone took their red pill this morning.

  3. Krisna

    So true @Roy. :/ And also the store is likely not going to go above an XL, *maybe* a 2x, if VERY lucky. >.< Why don't they understand these things??

    1. ****

      Actually, they are coming in extended sizes. The Disney Parks Blog posted on this a couple of weeks ago.

    2. Jen

      Most of the clothing items shown after the Small World dress are from Pinup Girl Clothing and they run from XS to 4X. All the time, not just on some items.

    3. Dana

      The Mary Blair skirts and dresses also go up to I believe 3-4X

  4. Actually, some of the designs (the “Mary Poppins”, “Dumbo”, etc.) are from a shop in Burbank called Pin Up Girl Clothing. Most of the designs pictured are designs taking FROM Mary Blair’s work in a collaboration with her estate. SO they’re not deliberately Disney related, but her art is so tied to the brand, it’s an interesting coincidence. And the Pocahontas design is actually a tiki design, but i see the confusion.

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  6. Garaan

    Man, I love the HM wallpaper dress. And I don’t even LIKE dresses. But I’m also not going to be in FL anytime soon. Sad day.

  7. Kathy

    Will they have petite sizes?

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