Comments for New Security Checks at Walt Disney World Resorts and Transportation Center


  1. M. Railes

    It should be interesting. Although, the crowd from security might not really help the crowds from when the Monorails break down from their new Automated safety system. Seems like anytime I’m there, they’re down for some issue, and the Cast Members keep blaming it on their new system having bugs. Hopefully they can get all that situated soon, and maybe the transition from parking to security to transport into MK will be rather smooth, or the Ferryboats will get swamped like they always do lately.

  2. joanne torchia

    Where is security check for people on the monorail coming from EPCOT to MK? That is usually my mode of transportation in one day. Thank you.

    1. tyler

      The entrance to the Epcot monorail station is past security checkpoints so I would think you would be in a “secure zone” once on board the monorail/TTC.

  3. Amanda

    What about ppl coming from the boat resorts, campground, and wilderness lodge?

  4. Sam Quan

    I hate silly security measures. In fact it’s the proven that metal detectors don’t work they failed 95 percent of the time. However I do wonder this is going to help relax the issue of discontinuing selling pirate pistols and cowboy revolvers and continue selling those again.

    1. Ken Hutchinson

      While metal detectors don’t work well ( I have a lot of metal in me from the Marines and they never seem to react to me) they do have the effect of people not bringing stuff with them because everyone assumes they do work.

      1. Orlando

        Wrong. I beat metal detectors often. I just chose to do as I please and not let big brother tell me how I can defend myself.

  5. Melissa

    What I am wondering is this. How are the security people at the MK entrance going to know which people went through security checks at the TTC? Are people who are going to go through these checks going to have like a button or a stamp or some kind of indicator saying that they went through these security checks so the people at the entrance will know?

    1. Tina

      Everyone will have to go through security at the TTC or at their monorail hotel. The new security checkpoints will mean that everything beyond the TTC is a secure area. There will be no security check at the gates of MK anymore.

  6. Orlando

    Sorry but thats a deal breaker for me. Do Not Disturb to me = do not snoop around my room and take things from me. Sorry I just dont trust your staff.

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