Comments for Disney Holding Open Casting Call for Live-Action “Aladdin” Film Leading Roles


  1. Marissia

    Does anybody knows when is the last date to apply?

    1. Mike Celestino

      June 30th.

      1. Farres

        Casting ends June 10th

  2. I swear to freaking god if Disney chooses Daniel Radcliffe next for Aladdin, I will be beyond miserable. I’M DEAD SERIOUS !!!

    1. Steve K.

      They aren’t going to, Jade. Did you even READ the article? They’re looking for someone who is Middle-Eastern. Happy now?

  3. Gabriela

    We all need to see Adam Amani be the “Aladdin” ???

  4. I tried to audition, but no one replied anything to me yet </3

    Looks like there no chance to be Aladdin…

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