Jurassic Park-inspired “Dinosaurs in the Wild” attraction set for UK tour this summer

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The team behind the BBC mini-series Walking with Dinosaurs has announced a new attraction called “Dinosaurs in the Wild.” Combining dramatic storytelling with state-of-the-art digital graphics and animatronics, the attraction will bring dinosaurs back to life. Unlike Jurassic Park, there’s no danger of being chased by an actual T-rex.

The experience is a mix of theme park, theater, and paleontology meant to make visitors feel as though they’re up close with real-life dinosaurs.


Take a look at dinosaur eggs in the Pathology Lab.


A T-Rex chases an Ankylosaurus.

In the Timebase Pathology Lab, visitors get an up-close look at dinosaur specimens. You can also relive one of the coolest scenes in Jurassic Park by seeing baby dinosaurs being born in the Hatchery.

One of the most exciting experiences takes place at the Lookout, where guests can get panoramic views of the prehistoric life on the plains outside.

More than 100 specialists have worked on this attraction, which has been in development for five years.

Dinosaurs in the Wild opens in Birmingham from June 24 – August 24 and then heads to Manchester in October.

in Movies & TV, Theme Parks

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