Comments for “Beauty and the Beast” to Feature First Openly Gay Disney Character as LeFou Longs for Gaston


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Semi-interesting story but in this day and age does anyone really care? Other than it being overdue.

    1. Steve

      SHOULD anyone really care, no. But sadly, I know a million moms (actually more like 3,623 according to Twitter) that will likely throw a fit that Disney is corrupting their children.

  2. TimP

    I’m surprised that no one has slammed LeFou for being a stereotypical gay like Birdcage. I did think Olaf was gay for a snowman. Maleficent is probably bi-sexual and likes the father and daughter although at different times. Disney is so tricky. You can never know.

  3. Caleb

    Hmm…I thought he seemed a little feminine in that “Gaston” clip they just released. I’ll have to wait and see what people say when the movie comes out because there was an article I read before Finding Dory came out that quoted Ellen Degeneres in saying that there was going to be a gay stingray character in the film. But when I saw Finding Dory I don’t recall seeing a gay stingray character. We’ll see if it’s an “in your face thing” or just subtly implied for those looking for it.

  4. Holly

    Some of you are absolutely correct about mom’s throwing a fit…as it should be! Those of us that are not mental degenerates want to protect our kids from all the trash that is currently coming to fruition…what with all these people now pushing for transgenderism, pedophilia and homosexuality to be legal and welcomed by society. It is bad enough that baby killers/abortionists get away with murder on daily basis. When are all you fruity men going to step up and fight for what is right? Why should people have the liberal agenda constantly shove this crap in our faces? If you want to live in sin, do so without trying to get everyone else to accept your sin. Noone is condemning you for it, except perhaps God….You get to live with your deranged mentality as free as the person next to you. Just because you are uncomfortable living with your mental affliction is no reason to push it on everyone else, so you can feel ‘normal’. Those of us that know we are accountable to God for our actions want to protect our children from all this nonsense….let them keep with them the little bit of innocence that is only there for such a short span of time, before it is ripped away from them with all this BS!

    1. Paul

      You are a small minded woman. The real world goes on all around us.

    2. Paul

      Plus… for your information you old cow. I’m not uncomfortable with the way I feel. So deal with it you bible bashing freak.

      1. Holly

        You obviously are uncomfortable…otherwise you wouldn’t be resorting to crude language. The level of immaturity that you idiot millennial s have is so astounding. I am so ashamed to be part of this generation. Please keep your filthy sexual inclinations to yourself and stop pushing them on my children….They don’t need your mental issues being pushed on them.

        1. Badulf

          Holly, I am with you 100%. This is obviously an agenda from the social just left that consider heterosexual monogamy a moral crime by their standards, very good to know that there are parents out there that are protecting their children from degeneracy.

          1. Holly

            Absolutely Badulf…..It is so sad that the right has been forced to keep their mouth’s shut for fear of these lunatics. I used to enjoy watching Disney movies and now with two little one’s of my own, we have to be vigilant of every little thing thanks to allowing most of these misfit’s to run society!

        2. Kenneth

          I think your God might object to your judging people.

    3. Holly

      Oh and God did not CREATE homosexuals….I don’t know where you ended up with that delusion. He created MEN & WOMEN who have free will.

    4. Sandra Cooper

      My assumption was spot on, as only Christians are as hateful as you are. Civility went out the window when you called homosexuals degenerates. You claim that people should just be able to live and be without an agenda being shoved down their throats. Why should your Christian agenda be thrown down ours? I’m not gay but I have many people whom I love that are gay. They are NOT degenerates. The degenerates are the ones that judge, like you do. You’re a horrible person. In order to get respect you have to earn it, and you are not worthy of my respect. You are a hypocrite who clenches to your Bible, yet behave in the most despicable way by judging other human beings and resorting to making them feel less than human as if you are better than them. You, my dear, are everything that is wrong with society. If your God did not create them, then explain to me who did because it is my understanding that God created everything and God is omnipotent. Isaiah 44:24 “Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb: “I am the Lord, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself.”
      So…..Is your book lying? Are you misinformed? Are you just ignorant? Please explain yourself because right now all I can gather is that you are a hating Bible thumpers who if I were to guess has lacked a moral compass in her past and has now turned to Christianity as a sad attempt to redeem herself. And in this, I know I’m pretty spot on.

      1. DooM

        “Only Christians are as hateful as you are.” Interesting, considering that it’s actually Islam that will murder homosexuals for the crime of being homosexual. Your hatred for Christianity is quite obvious, but if you consider Christians to be the most hateful, you are sadly mistaken. But… that is not surprising, as you are most likely a liberal Democrat who loves spreading your buttcheeks for the tyranny of Islam. Prayer time is coming up, Sandra. Better get on your knees and open your mouth for Allah.

      2. Carrrie

        Hi Sandra. I have no comment on the movie or character. I just wanted to answer your question is all…about God creating everything. Actually God didn’t create homosexuals. This occurred due to the fall of Adam when sin entered into the world. Sin entered in through man’s choice, not God’s. Then came death, sickness, sin nature, etc. This includes all sin, any sin. God didn’t create us to sin. That was a choice. So that’s how it happened. In the beginning, this was not so. He created everything perfect, then it got corrupted. Scripture has to be studied in context. That means one scripture can’t just be pulled out of a paragraph and quoted. In depth study is required to get the full meaning. One must read every scripture on a subject as well as research. That is the issue I see when people, including Christians, quote scriptures.

        However, I also agree it is not helpful to be judgmental. It is God’s love the brings people to repentance and He is clear that everyone sins, straight or gay, so no one can throw stones. NO ONE EARNS SALVATION THROUGH THEIR WORKS, HOLINESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is a free gift.

        How do I know? Titus 3:4 says “But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.” Again, the focus here is on kindness and love and not the things we have done to earn it.

        Also, Ephesians 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.” So NO ONE can boast.

        Preaching hate is wrong. Why? Because no one wants to come to a God they believe hates them. It pushes people away from God, which the bible also warns against, because it stumbles others and Jesus said woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes (but I don’t see a lot of Christians being concerned with that!) John 14:21 says God loves anyone who loves His Son.

        Now I’m not saying we have a license to sin but there is a BALANCE. It is by the display of love that Christians are to be recognized (John 13:35). There are enough religions marked by intolerance and hate. Christianity is not supposed to be one of them. Blessings to you and have a good day.

    5. Sandra Cooper

      As for milo yiannopoulos, he’s a self loathing Twink. Please…….You use him as your example? Come on, lady. You have to do better than that. He is an attention whore who lives for the controversy he creates. He says so himself.

    6. Tara

      Sandra- EXACTLY!
      Who cares if hes gay? Has anyone listened to him sing in the orignal movie? He has feelings for Gaston and always have. Always someone to sexualize something that wasnt meant to be. Anyone can love whom they choose, get over it. Some people are just ignorant.

      1. Sandra Cooper

        She is a complete contradiction. She says I am incapable of a civilized conversation, yet her first comment lacked any civility whatsoever. She claims to be a “scientist” but believes the nonsense that she believes. She’s a total waste of time. I feel sorry for her kids if one of them are gay. She’s the kind of horrible mother that would send them to “pray the gay away” or disown them. Perhaps she doesn’t understand the concept of unconditional love.

    7. Amanda Pike

      I sincerely hope you’re not actually a mother. Only a monster would associate homosexuality as being akin to pedophilia.

    8. MykeTV

      The reality is that YOU are the type of trash that all children should be protected from. If you have kids, they should be removed from you and adopted by two loving, married women. If you believe in God, you should believe in Love. Instead, your behavior evokes the fallen angel, Lucifer and his serpent form.

    9. Colton

      I will not hold my tongue on this. Holly, you are so naive. I understand that you want what is best for you child(ren), but “protecting” them from something like this is teaching them to hate. I am openly gay, and you can attempt to tell me that I chose this lifestyle all you want, but the hard truth of the matter is that this is, and always was, who I am. I didn’t wake up one day and decide that I was gay. I didn’t learn it from someone; rather it’s a part of me, imbued into my DNA. You don’t understand this because you aren’t like me. You aren’t like anyone in the LGBTQ+ community. I won’t tell you that you are a sinner or the antichrist or anything for being who you are, so what entitles you to do the same to anyone else? You’re playing God and letting your piousness get the better of you. Get informed because it sounds like you have a lot to learn about this world. Teach your child about what love is, and let him/her find their own place. I believe Disney is doing the proper thing here by introducing this topic in a lighthearted and smart manner; it has nothing to do with anyone’s “liberal agenda” being shoved into your face. Again, if that’s how you perceive this scenario, get more informed and try to see the world in a different light other than your own closed minded way you currently view it.

      And in the future, if you truly are a Christian, maybe you should take another look at the Commandments, and attempt to treat others with the same respect that you want, because at this rate, you’re behaving like someone who is on track to go right down to hell with the rest of us gays (or so you believe). Shape up.

    10. Bonnie

      I agree with you 110% Holly. I’m so disappointed to hear this. I was so looking forward to this movie. And for those who are claiming we are close minded, you make up 1.5% of the population, the rest of us think as Holly and I do but you sure scream and whine the loudest! You demand tolerance and acceptance but you don’t give it to anyone who thinks differently than you do. You just start name calling. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    11. Roman Hernandez

      I agree with you 100% Holly.

  5. Greg

    So disappointed as I was really looking forward to seeing this. But I will not give my money to support Disney putting a gay character in a children’s film, solely to make a statement, and believe me, that is the only reason this is occurring. Leave the politics out of children’s movies please. TERRIBLE MOVE DISNEY! So much for being the leader in family entertainment.

    1. MykeTV

      It’s not politics, its a live-action musical based on an animated movie that was created by many talented artists, MANY of them gay. It is also a fairy tale about an underage woman who runs away from home and falls in love with a giant animal-man, while being his prisoner.

      Disney doesn’t need your box office money, stay home. You will not be missed.

      1. V

        This has to be the best comment here LOL

  6. Former Disney Parent

    So upset about this!!! I have young sons and am NOT going to raise them to be CONFUSED and MISGUIDED. What? Anything goes?!! We love Disney and visit the parks every year but if they have the AUDACITY to bring this controversial topic into children’s films then I will NO LONGER support the Disney company. Such a shame!!!!!!! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

    1. Paul

      You are horrible, horrible, horrible.

      1. yeah, that’ll change their mind….

      2. Bonnie

        Here’s a good example of the typical hypocritical response. We say we won’t take our children to see this movie and you start name calling, yeah what great roll models you are!

    2. I will bet my next hopper pass upgrade that this whole thing will be played for laughs anyway. There is WAY too much bending out of shape over this.

    3. Sandra Cooper

      Yes, shelter your children from the world around them because they will never go to school and experience the real world. While you’re at it, take your kids and build a nice round bubble to shove them in so that they don’t become infected with real world issues. You know what’s also a great idea….HOMESCOOLING! Yes, home school your kids so that instead of being gay, they can just become socially inept, socially awkward little misfits. That should keep the gay away. ?

      1. Badulf

        You and your entire PC collective are not as open minded as you claim to be, children shouldn’t have to be indoctrinated to degeneracy and cultural Marxism.

        1. Sandra Cooper

          Honey, no one wants to indoctrinate your kids into anything except the priests you people entrust your kids with. Oh, and for the record, humans are not “indoctrinated” into being gay. They either are or aren’t.

          1. Holly

            And who came up with that idea that ‘gay’ is instilled into you? Oh wait, you ‘feel’ that way, so it must be true. Just like if I ‘feel’ like I’m a “tomato”, I must be one. Yes, they indeed are being indoctrinated into being gay! People are not born that way. They choose to be that way! Stop with the lies!

        2. Sandra Cooper

          Holly: How are they being indoctrinated into being gay? Explain that to me. Are they going door to door reading scripture from The Book of RuPaul and sprinkling fairy dust on your children forehead in the shape of a rainbow while singing the famous hymn “It’s Raining Men”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If you don’t believe that being gay is not learned behavior and it’s something you’re just born as, then let me introduce you to this thing called Science. I know…..all science books are the work of the devil, but you really should give it a whirl. Here are some suggestions:
          Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity by Bruce Bagemihl, Ph.D
          Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People by Joan Roughgarden (an evolutionary biologist – although I know Christians feel evolution is BS)
          Try it.

        3. Carrrie

          Interesting conversation. As usual I find there is truth on both sides. As for my research and study, and intuition, for what its worth, I’ve found that some choose and others are born pre-disposed. It’s not one or the other. People are not that simple. So I prayed about this because I wanted to know and scripture says do not lean upon your own understanding. Now I know you don’t believe in prayer but that’s ok. Either way this is what I discovered:

          1. There is something called generational iniquity. This is something that is passed down through a family line and predisposes family members to certain issues (i.e. sins). Not just homosexuality but just about anything. It’s not hard to identify. We see it all the time but don’t identify what it is. For example, we see that alcoholism can run in a family, mental illness, cancer, diabetes, drug addiction, etc. We see physical, mental as well as emotional disease/problems can run in a family. This also includes homosexuality, which is why sometimes you will find there are many in one family. This is why there are those who feel they are born this way and technically they are. (As an interesting side note suicide ran in Ernest Hemingway’s family.)

          2. Sometimes people do choose. I’ve literally heard some people say they have. I was watching Judge Mathis one day and one of his litigants was suing his ex-girlfriend but had brought his new male lover with him. He told the Judge he would only be with men now & because his relationship was so bad with the ex, he will never be with another woman. Judge Mathis has a gay brother and is a strong gay advocate. So, he mentioned to the man that he himself had the understanding that people were born that way. This man reiterated, that he chose. It’s just most people aren’t going to admit that because of the stigma. (Now this was on TV and recorded, so this can be proven that I’m not making it up.) Many lesbians I’ve talked to have said the same thing (my sisters co-workers). I’ve heard men say they do it for “birth control.” They know for a fact they aren’t getting anybody pregnant. May sound crazy, but they have their own reasons.

          3. Quite a few people who identify as homosexual had some sort of sexual molestation or early childhood sexual experiences that could’ve effected their sexuality. I only began looking into this because I heard Dr. Drew on his show say that it is proven that being molested as a child effects your sexuality and sexual identity. So I began listening and looking around. I didn’t contact any psychologists or therapists and ask by the way.

          It is amazing how many admit to having had this happen to them as a child, now you even bring up Milo. I was like, wow, another one! I’ve heard that Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen Degeneres, Chaz Bono, all had something along these lines happen in their childhood. That may also explain why there is such a high rate of drug abuse in the gay community as they may be trying to dull pain from childhood that has not been dealt with and they don’t even know it. So, this would mean, that is it an unconscious choice. They don’t even realize they were effected this way and need compassion and healing. So, this is right in between-the gray area. Where so much truth lies!

          There is more but no time to go into it. No one may even care. But the point was that it’s not a black or white issue. Not everyone is the same, has the same background, the same issues, the same mindset, goals, agenda, etc. Some people have been genuinely hurt and need understanding. Either way, we can’t judge, because we can’t LOOK at a person and tell any of this. So we can’t be so dogmatic that we are right…that’s it a choice, or that it’s not. It’s both…and that’s not really that shocking. People can’t be easily categorized and put in boxes, and we should stop trying. Well, I don’t frequent this site, so I’m done. Best wishes to everyone. “Acquire wisdom;
          And with all your acquiring, get understanding.” Prov. 4:7

  7. Eric

    Lmao!! All these hypocritical conservative, closet bigots on this thread are cracking me up! I hope more of you stick to Veggie Tales and boycott Disney so the crowds slim down at the parks, oh yeah and the company won’t be hurting from losing your money. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  8. DooM

    This is a children’s movie. Leave the perversions out of it and let it be a CHILDREN’S movie.

  9. LeAnna

    I am not ok with Disney caving in to the pressure from liberals and activists. I do not agree with this lifestyle choice, but I do have friends who are homosexual and love them as I do my heterosexual friends. This story did not need to be updated. It was a wonderful story when it first came out and should have remained so. As far as calling people names who disagree with this, that is childish and small-minded. It is also hypocritical. You can’t demand open-mindedness and acceptance from others and then refuse to give it yourself.

    Children should not be exposed to things like this in this manner. They already see so much in the world around them. Let entertainment remain entertainment. Leave the political and social agendas out of it!

    1. Kenneth

      It is their story, you know.

  10. Amanda Pike

    For God’s sake! First you guys take Belle’s love of books and turn into into “She’s fighting The man! Women weren’t supposed to read!” (which contradicts French history And now THIS! Le Fou was a toadie. Yes, he sucked up to Gaston but now you just turned him into a stereotype instead of a fun sidekick trope. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2017/03/beauty-and-the-beast-to-feature-first-openly-gay-disney-character-as-lefou-longs-for-gaston/ Also Disney had a gay character already. Disney’s Gargoyles, Lexington. He was confirmed as gay in the comics. And finally, you had the Gender non-conforming / Transvestite Pleakley in Lilo and Stitch. As a bisexual woman I feel like this is pandering and not well…

  11. Amanda Pike

    Damn it, Disney! I was defending you! Claiming Le Fou is your first official Gay character is like claiming Jim Crow from Dumbo is your first black character!

  12. Emily

    The comments here are ridiculous. Wake up, it’s 2017. So, you’re going to boycott a movie that centers around a heterosexual relationship over one gay person in the movie? This movie is sexual? Let kids be kids? They’re too innocent for this? How do I tell my kids? “Belle is love with the Beast. Lefou is in love with Gaston.” Period. End. Kids will not only understand, but they won’t literally care that there’s a gay character. They’ll only think it’s a big deal if you make it a big deal. Sick of people throwing tantrums if there’s one gay person in something.

    1. TimP

      And I thought Lumière was the gay character in Beauty and the Beast. Actually he isn’t since he is in love with the feather duster and he was the matchmaker between Belle and the Beast, but what if he is gay? He’ll be an excellent gay chef. He sings “Be My Guest” well. He could be a butt-ler instead.

      Some want Elsa to be a Lesbian. What if this came true? It wouldn’t be far off. Elsa seems to hate her sister, but what if she had a secret crush on her and the impediment was solved by being able to control her frozen powers. Only problem is what to do with Kristoff. Keep him frozen in the dungeon. Elsa and Anna will be a new sisters couple giving new meaning to sisterly love.

      1. V

        LMAO this is great!

  13. nnr

    How come those who are upset with the open homosexuality in this movie don’t find it equally as terrifying that a woman falls in love with an animal? Aren’t they worried that their children will now think bestiality is okay?!? I find the hypocrisy hilarious! LOL – All kidding aside, isn’t the whole message behind the story to learn how to move pass initial judgements and accept someone for who they are on the inside?

  14. Sarah

    Guys, it’s just one character so please don’t get out of shape about it, and also Christians and and other beliefs, please don’t fight about this . I love Disney movies ???

  15. Amanda Pike

    Please stop claiming Le Fou in Beauty and The Beast is the first openly gay Disney character.

    Le Fou is NOT the first openly gay Disney character.

    That distinction goes to Lexington from Disney’s Gargoyles. Though not out of the closet in the show the season three comic book does allow Lexington to come out openly as gay. The comics are by Greg Weisman (the show’s creator) and are canon. Lexington is the first officially gay Disney character.

    And the Disney TV show Once Upon a Time has the now canon Lesbian couple of the bisexual Red (Little Red Riding Hood) and Dorothy (The Wizard Of Oz) .

    There is also a bisexual Mulan, who has an unrequited love for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

    In fact Disney’s first non-comedic Lesbian kiss was Dorothy and Red in Disney’s Once Upon a Time Season five.

    Also though sexual orientation is not specific Pleakley of Lilo and Stitch was gender non-conforming, preferring woman’s clothing to male. And it’s not just an alien thing. Pleakley knows it’s generally considered female clothing.

  16. Rick Kelley

    I think the Gay agenda has gone far enough. No one cares what people do in private. Shame on Disney if they purposely promote homosexuality. All they are going to accomplish is peeving of a lot of Parents and Grandparents. I have been a Disney fan my whole life but I will not support further corruption of good morals.

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