Comments for Attraction Profiles: The classic Kongfrontation at Universal Studios Florida


  1. Andrew Fontanez

    I experienced Kongfrontation 20 years ago when I was 5 years old I have to say it was so realistic like Jaws Earthquake and Ghostbusters I do love skull island but I still miss kongfrontation and the indoor live environment sets I really miss the classic universal it would’ve been better if half of the classics were still open and the new stuff can there too but now universal just care about 3D and too much simulatiors ??

    1. tony

      Kongfrontaiton ride was way more intese then Skull island ride. Thats what i wanted in Skull island, but the only intese part of the ride for me is the que lines for skull island. The reason why they chose Screen Simulator style. Cause it was cheeper. They have spend so mutch Money on Harry Potter stuff. They have to wait untell they make their money back. Universal studios has not made their money back on Harry Potter yet. So new rides that they can build will get the Cheap Treatmen even if its based off a cool movie or not.

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