VIDEO: Watch a deleted scene from “Moana” with an unused song by Lin-Manuel Miranda

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As any Disney fan knows, feature-length animated musicals can go through many different iterations before reaching their final release state. And of course that includes full songs that are discarded along the way, not necessarily for reasons of quality, but often just for the sake of story efficiency or pacing.

In the case of “Moana”, the latest movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, a number of tracks written by songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda were left by the wayside, and several of them were included on the “Moana” Deluxe Edition soundtrack late last year.

Now fans can get a glimpse of the full storyboarded sequence for one of those pieces, entitled “Warrior Face”, along with a different, more polished recording of the song itself, performed here by Christopher Jackson and Phillipa Soo from Broadway’s “Hamilton“”.


This deleted scene is one of a wide array of special features that will be included on the upcoming “Moana” home video release.

Disney’s “Moana” is coming to Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere next Tuesday, February 21st, and Blu-ray / DVD two weeks later on March 7th.

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