VIDEO: See how ILM built whole virtual worlds for “Star Wars: Rogue One” battle scenes

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The “Star Wars” films have always been known for their creative visual effects, and as technology has advanced, the effects have become increasingly sophisticated.

In this “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” visual effects reel, we get a glimpse of the complex work done at Industrial Light & Magic. The footage breaks down the layers created to produce the scene in which the planet Jedha is demolished by the Death Star. Additionally, there are some sequences taken apart for us of Scarif during the Rebel attack on the planet’s Imperial base. It’s impressive to say the least.


Of course this is on par with what we already know Industrial Light & Magic is capable of achieving. In fact, it was in this same movie that the company created an entire performance for the character of Grand Moff Tarkin even though the actor, Peter Cushing, had been dead for decades.

We look forward to seeing what the company brings to the screen in the next installment of the “Star Wars” saga, but until then, we all can enjoy a little piece of Industrial Light & Magic’s genius right here.

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