Toy Fair 2017: More new “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” figures revealed by Hasbro

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More Transformers news coming out of Toy Fair 2017 in New York City over the weekend: this time the popular toy company Hasbro unveiled more figures in its long-enduring line of “Robots in Disguise”.

The new Transformers toys revealed include Cyclonus, Starscream, Blurr, Windblade, Heatseeker, and Twinferno. Check out the images released by Hasbro below!

C0264 Legion Cyclonus - Robot C0264 Legion Cyclonus - Vehicle C0264 Legion Starscream - Robot C0264 Legion Starscream - Vehicle C0874 Legion Blurr - Robot C0874 Legion Blurr - Vehicle C1079 Warrior Windblade - Robot C1079 Warrior Windblade - Vehicle C2335 Legion Heatseeker - Robot C2335 Legion Heatseeker - Vehicle C2345 Warrior Twinferno - Robot C2345 Warrior Twinferno - Vehicle

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