Toy Fair 2017: Huge “Transformers” multi-form Trypticon figure revealed by Hasbro

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Some more news out of Toy Fair 2017 in New York breaking today from Hasbro, and this time it’s from one of the company’s most popular lines of all time– Transformers!

This morning Hasbro unveiling its new Trypticon figure, which won the fan vote to become the next Tranformers: Generations Titans Return toy. Trypticon is capable of transforming into three different forms: City mode, Dino mode, and Spaceship mode.


TRYPTICON Spaceship Mode TRYPTICON Dino Mode TRYPTICON City Mode 2

And here’s a photo of Trypticon on display in Hasbro’s booth on the Toy Fair exhibit hall floor:


Trypticon made his debut back in the original “Generation 1” Transformers cartoon and toy line, but this version (available this fall) will be much larger– in fact, Hasbro claims it is among their biggest toys of 2017.

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