Comments for PHOTOS: Animal Kingdom hosts surprise Rivers of Light preview at Walt Disney World


  1. Grant

    Am I the only one who when viewing this site on the phone gets constantly redirected to the App Store?

  2. Mark

    I was part of the support staff facilitating the event, and last night’s audience was not made up of mostly select Social Media Mom bloggers and WDW cast members. About 2/3’s was made up of families and friends of the bloggers. The only CMs present were those that were working the DSMMC or support for the ROL preview.

    1. Mike Celestino

      Thanks for the info. Will adjust accordingly.

  3. reagan

    mike i have a question. from what i remember with the jungle book show they had before there. isnt there a bridge that you can see everything thats happening? im just wondering if they cut it off or blocked the view sight

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