PHOTO: “Logan” gets a cool retro-style IMAX poster

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Image Copyright 20th Century FOX / Marvel

“Logan” is being billed as an adult-oriented X-Men movie, and that approach is certainly represented in its marketing campaign.

Beyond the gritty trailers, the one-sheet posters for “Logan” have hinted at a more somber tone. From the looks of it, there’s less costumed superhero-ing going on in this movie and more pensive reflection on the nature of what it means to be human… or mutant, more appropriately.

That may all sound like a drag to some people, but I’m curious to see what director James Mangold and the film’s screenwriters have come up with. For now, here’s a look at the special IMAX poster for “Logan” that was released by FOX today. It’s got an eye-catchingly retro vibe, complete with fake creases along the center to complete that throwback feel.

Image Copyright 20th Century FOX / Marvel
Image Copyright 20th Century FOX / Marvel

“Logan” stars Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as Wolverine and Professor X, respectively. It will be released into theaters nationwide by 20th Century FOX on Friday, March 3rd.


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