New Magickeepers and Magicband 2 Colors Now Available

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The MagicBand has transformed the way guests experience Disney Parks since they debuted years back. Working as a form of identification on the property, the bands are central to many of Disney Parks’s systems like FastPass+, Disney Photo Pass, and Disney Dining. It’s also become the primary means for gaining entry to the parks and resort rooms, and it even substitutes as a credit card for making purchases during Walt Disney World stays. To stay the MagicBand is an important piece in the Disney experience is an understatement. At this stage, it is central.

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For that reason, the company continues to invest in this technology, developing it into a more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing piece. Last November, The Walt Disney Company debuted the Magic Band 2 along with news that MagicKeepers, the band’s accessory line, would be coming down the pike. It appears that the day for MagicKeepers has finally arrived as the accessories are now appearing on store shelves throughout Walt Disney World as well as a new collection of MagicBand 2 bracelets that come in basic solid colors.




The line of accessories is built on MagicBand 2’s new design in which the central icon with RFID technology pops out of the band. The icon can then be inserted into other accessories like keychains or lanyard medallions that may appeal to guests who don’t prefer to wear a wristband.


Each MagicKeeper comes with a mini-screwdriver to assist with changing out the icon so that guests can easily switch colors to coordinate with clothing or mood or create interesting color combinations. And as the year progresses, more designs for MagicBands and Magic Keepers will be revealed.


in Disney, Merchandise, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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