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Retail MagicBand 2 and MagicKeepers coming in December to Walt Disney World Resort

Today the Disney Parks Blog shared a first look at some special MagicBand 2 items and accessories coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in December. There will be three special MagicBand 2 designs released in December, and in the future we will also see the release of some other MagicBand accessories.



We got a chance to see these new Magicband 2 items in person during the D23 Destination D event.


On December 16, a limited edition retail MagicBand 2 that celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the “it’s a small world” attraction will be released. Presented in a decorative box, this MagicBand 2 will have an edition size of 2,500.


On December 19, two retail MagicBand 2 designs for 2017 will be out in stores. The design on these MagicBands are made to fit the Disney Parks 2017 merchandise collection.


The Disney Parks Blog also gave us a preview of the new MagicKeepers accessories. These are for the guests who prefer an alternative way to wear their MagicBand 2. MagicKeepers will include two Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-themed lanyard clips and a carabiner. The images below show how MagicKeepers will be sold (without a removable icon) and how they appear with removable icons.

vjhdbf9342Are you excited for this new era of MagicBands?


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    So does this mean we’re going to find the middles all over the parks?

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      The “icon” is held in place by a ring that’s screwed onto the underside of the band.

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    Janet Harrison

    How can I purchase a Magickeeper?

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