VIDEO: “Let Them Go: A Copyright Policy Song” lashes out against Disney, “Frozen” style

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It’s no secret that Disney has been dragging out their copyright durations for many decades, repeatedly lobbying for extensions to their firm grip on beloved intellectual properties like Mickey Mouse.

Now one group has taken to YouTube to make a point about the perils of repeatedly preventing artists from innovating using old content – by doing just that. A video parody of “Let It Go” from “Frozen” spells out why fair use is a good thing, all the while featuring clips (via fair use) from other Disney fan endeavors found on YouTube.

It’s worth a watch to see exactly the type of creativity that repeated copyright extensions have the potential to stifle. (And we’re happy to have one of our own ITM clips included in the mix, from a Disney cosplay gathering at MegaCon!)

They call it “Let Them Go: A Copyright Policy Song”:

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