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Hey ITM readers, what would like to see here?  I’m planning stories about places like Cypress Gardens, Splendid China, River Country, Palisades Amusement Park, and more.  I’d love to know what memories of long (or not so long) theme parks you’d like to see included in the series.

Please comment below and let me know what parks were near and dear to your heart.


  1. Aisu

    You should totally include Six Flags New Orleans and Geauga Lake, and if you’re doing foreign parks maybe Spreepark and Nara Dreamland!

    1. reagan

      fun fact about new orleans. mafia 3 takes place there so they had a abandond amusement park flooded. kinda like six flags

    1. Carrie

      Yes!!!! I have the best memories of riding the Cannonball roller coaster over and over!!!

  2. I remember enjoying myself at Magic Valley in Bushkill, PA as a kid. I’m sure the memory is much better than the reality was.

    1. Frostysnowman

      Oh my! I also went to Magic Valley frequently as a kid. Lots of great memories!

      1. Gotta love those Red Baron airplanes.

        1. frostysnowman

          The little roller coaster was my favorite!

  3. Keith

    I loved Circus World when I was a kid,. First loop coaster I ever rode.

  4. Tim

    Astroworld I grew up going to that park. I still have some off my old season passes.

  5. Adam

    Geauga Lake / Six Flags Ohio/ SeaWorld Ohio. Former employee here.

  6. Jennifer

    Pontchartrain Beach, New Orleans, LA

  7. Greg

    As a kid we would go to Dog Patch USA.

  8. Mario B

    One that you have to include: Nara Dreamland.

  9. Shelby Linthicum

    The Enchanted Forest, MD. This park was very special to me and my sister when we were growing up. I only remember going once. But I remember the feeling I had of being able to explore and discover things my parents couldn’t see because they were too tall. Lol.

  10. Jeff Taulbut

    If you plan to include any non-US parks, Camelot Theme Park in the UK would be a good one to cover.

  11. Cheryl MAchado

    Crescent Park, Riverside, RI
    Rocky Point, Warwick, RI

  12. Heather Klem

    My mom had wanted to take me to Roseland Park in Canandaigua, NY, since she had gone there as a kid, but it closed when I was about 9 months old. I do know that its carousel wound up in Syracuse, NY at the Carousel Mall, now Destiny USA.

    1. EricJ

      I was just wondering what happened to Roseland Park in Canandaigua–
      It was as “local” as they came, but I’d just assumed it’d been snapped up by another Six Flags, just like the Enchanted Forest in Old Forge, NY.

      Mountain Park used to be the hundred-yo. pride of Holyoke, MA, but now all that’s left is its big concert amphitheater.

  13. EricJ

    (And–ahem–notice how we get the longest response threads about theme parks?) 🙂

  14. Josh Hume

    The Original Elich Gardens in Denver. Historic Beautiful park, and botanical gardens, Classic Woden coasters. Now sadly gone.

  15. Jai

    Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, SC

  16. Dana Brightman

    Pacific Ocean Park 1950s and 1960s In Santa Monica area

  17. Don Brightman

    Santa’s Village in Sky Forest, California (Original site)

  18. Gabe

    Magic World, the old park from Pigeon Forge. It was small but it had some really weird attractions and notable knock-offs (a flying carpet dark ride with suspended vehicles, a Haunted Mansion riff, a cornball Animatronics show), and there’s precious little about it online.

  19. Garaan

    I worked at Pleasure Island in MI for 2 years during the Halloween season; they had a pretty respectable 2-attraction haunt that saw lots of people. Their safety record for actors wasn’t great though, I can tell you, as I had to change positions after a couple of days because I looked like I’d been beaten with a baseball bat (largely due to running into set pieces/walls/etc on a constant basis.) Now I believe it’s a subdivision.

    1. Garaan

      But for an article? Marineland. (Marineland of the Pacific? I forget what the official name was, we always just called it Marineland.) I went ALL THE TIME when I was a kid, probably because it was both cheaper and closer than Sea World… but at this point I barely remember anything about it, in specifics. Would love to see an article on it.

  20. Mike S.

    Ocean View in Norfolk, VA

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