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  1. EricJ

    And if I’m the only one commenting, with the obligatory “Maybe the Disney Channel will show it!” snark, you HAVE your answer about how many people on ITM want to talk about Firefly.

    1. TimP

      Apparently more than you think. Take a look at the comments. Troll elsewhere, small man. Also, I won’t be replying to anything you say as I have many better things to do, none of them include engaging you in witty (or not so) banter.

  2. Kelly

    Shiny indeed! If they can get Joss on board then it wont be a “wash”. ? Thanks for the article ITM! Browncoats represent!

    1. Sean Corey Adams

      Ouch…Too soon Kelly…
      About 500 years too soon.

  3. Steve F

    It would be totally awesome to see Firefly raise up again!! I struggled for years to not watch it but once I did, I was hooked. The stories are excellent and the interaction with the characters are fantastic. Keeping my fingers crossed that it becomes a reality!! And Nathan Fillion even dropped Firefly bombs on the show “Castle”. Epic!!

  4. J Rentz

    A couple of years ago a website (college humor or maybe Nerdist) did a short video exploring the Firefly Universe separate from the ‘Captain Mal and crew’ story line and it was GREAT! I expected to see a kickstarter or gofundme immediately afterward but nothing materialized. In my opinion, if Firefly were to make a comeback at this point it should be as a crowdfunded web series and not as a “major network” project.

  5. Tim

    Firefly truly was one of the best shows to come down the pike. I’d love to see some sort of continuance.

  6. Kat

    Such a great show. I really hope they bring it back. It’s going to be a little bittersweet without Ron Glass, though.

  7. Mandi

    As much as I loved Firefly, like I said in another post that had a few thousand replies, this is Fox making Joss the bad guy, putting it in his court. If I was Joss, after how they treated him with both Firefly and Dpllhouse, I wouldn’t work with Fox again. But that is just me.

    The fact that the fans were loud and many enough to get Serenity made shows that there is a huge following. At Disney World I see Browncoats all the time. Also, Disney has been hiring one of the beloved actors of the show for acting in voice acting. Sure kids see King Candy, but for me, Alan Tudyk came into my life as Wash.

    Have you seen Con Man? That online show got funded in about two days because Browncoats tossed their money at it, they WANT this to happen.

    I am not sure if a continuation or a Reboot would work, if by some miracle Joss came back. Wash is dead, as is Shepard Book. We lost Ron Glass last year, and everyone else is over a decade older. I don’t think a reboot would work, and I’m not sure if the rest of the cast would want to come back after so long.

    If it happened, would I watch it? Hell yes, as would a few million other people.

  8. TimP

    This was an amazing show. I’d love to see more. It launched so many careers and so many other shows use elements from it. Very cool.

  9. Ken Hutchinson

    We can only hope, I lost a lot of faith in anything Fox does after cancelling this. They kill this but schlock like The Family Guy just gets renewed and renewed.

  10. Donald Rodriguez

    Great news and terrible news!

    The latest information on this has Fox being very specific. They are only interested if they can get Joss Whedon back in.

    Well, Joss has gone full-on A-list right now. Yes, he has a passion for his work, but it’s easy to understand some doubt about him coming back to a television show in any role other than executive producer right now.

    Some more trouble comes in the form of the cast. A lot of time has passed, and though they all held the same passion, that has dimmed somewhat. Even so far as getting pretty snippy when entertaining rumors of a comeback when speaking with the fans. They are also all working on their careers now and for some, this could easily become a step back.

    If anything, I would be more concerned that this is merely the production crew at Fox trolling the fans themselves. Making a broad statement like this while knowing that the circumstances cannot allow it to actually happen.

    I would love to see this happen, and I have seen that there remains a tremendous following who agree with me on that point… but I do not think it’s going to happen at all.

  11. Renee

    My husband and I loved Firefly and would love to see some sort of return. It would be hard without the characters that were lost in the Serenity movie, but the other characters are still so beloved today that some sort of return would be welcome. It was too short lived and we were highly disappointed when it was cancelled. I say if everyone is game to make something happen, bring it on. We would definitely watch and I know a lot of my friends would too. (Even my son who watched with a friend in college and was hooked)!

  12. Sean Corey Adams

    I would love to revisit the Firefly and continue their adventures. Their brand of speculative fiction is something we could really use in today’s political climate.
    Now, let’s imagine a Serenity themed attraction… that would be shiny.

  13. Karen

    If only Firefly waited to air a little longer after the concluding episodes of Buffy & Angel …… Serenity would have been flying much longer.
    It was too soon following Buffy and Angel – it took me months to watch it ‘totally hooked’ thank goodness Joss Wheden tied it up with Serenity for a little closure!
    Would I love to see Firefly resurrected ????? Hell yes!!!!! But I reckon that ship has sailed unfortunately.
    Hope I’m wrong!

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