VIDEO: “Rogue One” props, costumes, and models display added to Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland

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“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has been playing in theaters for three weeks now, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less buzzworthy right now. Fans are returning to see it multiple times, and the movie has already racked up more than $800 million in worldwide revenue at the box office.

There’s also been no shortage of ways to get a look at the costumes, props and models from the production of this first entry in the stand-alone “Star Wars Stories”. There was a display at San Diego Comic Con 2016, The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, and even at Skywalker Ranch in Northern California.

And now even Disneyland is getting in on the action. Over the holiday season the park made the first major change to the exhibits inside Tomorrowland’s Star Wars Launch Bay, adding a full set of Shoretrooper armor and Jyn Erso’s Imperial Ground Crew disguise, plus several models of ships and prop blasters from the movie. Check it out:


It’s nice that the displays inside Star Wars Launch Bay will likely be rotated out periodically to reflect the latest Star Wars release, at least until Disneyland’s larger Star Wars expansion is ready to open sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

As has been the case lately, it’s still a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more!

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