Taking a CLOSER look- The ITM Photo Scavenger Hunt: Game 1: The Magic Kingdom

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Join us as we take a closer look at the theme parks though photographs. ITM presents our Photo Scavenger Hunt. These close-up images are all shot inside various theme parks. Each photo safari will focus on one theme park and ITM will reveal the locations the next week.

Today’s images are from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista FL. Examine and consider the images at your own pace and see if you can figure out where the images were photographed.

SH1 Example

Answer: Sign above entrance (on Train Station) to Magic Kingdom

ITM Photo Scavenger Hunt   Game One: The Magic Kingdom

Image One

SH1 Img 1

Image Two
SH1 Img 2


Image Three

SH1 Img 3

Image Four
SH1 Img 4

Image Five
SH1 Img 5

Image Six
SH1 Img 6

Image Seven
SH1 Img 6

Image Eight
SH1 Img 8

Image Nine
SH1 Image 9

Image Ten
SH Image 10

Bonus Image
SH1 Bonus

Bonus Image Two
SH1 Bonus 2

So that everyone will have a fair chance of deducing the details, please don’t post your answers.  Have Fun & Good Luck!

Images: Michael Gavin

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