Comments for Spend the Night With Bruce Campbell in a Haunted Mansion? Casting Now for New Horror Reality Series!


  1. I live in Sault Ste Marie, MI. I would love to sleep in a haunted house! Sounds like fun. 5’2″ blonde, green eyes, petite and don’t look my age 🙂

  2. EricJ

    Just because Bruce was pointing at YOU, Mike, don’t make him point at US.

  3. Flash

    Is this a real opportunity? I would love to try!

  4. I have enjoyed him in Burn Notice would love to meet him

  5. DocBrown

    They ask for a LOT of information in the application process. That’s all I have to say about that.

    1. Brittnee

      That’s standard for all reality TV shows. I’ve worked in reality TV casting for the past 2 1/2 years and pretty much every application is about this length

  6. Keifus E mathews

    WOW this would be awesome, def a night that you won’t soon forget!

  7. We contribute to the Horror world at Beast Toys. We would love an opportunity like this. And know plenty of people who would as well. #FindUsInTheDark <3

  8. Phyllis

    What about Canadians??? Why can’t we submit an application?

  9. dale

    I am a real ghost. I would love to be on your show. Otherwise I will haunt you day and night.

  10. Love Bruce Campbell and would gladly spend a night with him but I already live in a very haunted former Catskill mountain resort inn.

  11. Horror Schmorror…I’d follow Bruce Campbell anywhere.

  12. Ashley

    Now knowing I was named after his character in Evil Dead, HECK YES! I would love to spend a night in a haunted place with the actor of the character I was named after 😀

  13. Lisa

    Why can’t Canadians enter?? Can someone please explain??

  14. I met you when you were here in Anchorage before at Bear Tooth. My son was really young at the time, and you said “you better appreciate this guy.”
    I think I would suit your bill. I’ve been an Evil Dead junkie for years

  15. Esther

    I spent a few hours with him once at an event
    I can speak from experience that they are in for it!
    He is the Dashing Master of Disaster,
    Good Luck Cuz Your Gonna Need it.

  16. Bob Lipia

    I do sfx make-up masks, latex, etc. Check out IMDB

  17. Mike

    It would be groovy to get my fellow administers from Requiem paranormal (Fb) in on this.

  18. I have been interested in the Paranormal for about 35 years now watch all the paranormal shows and would love nothing more than to spend the evening and overnight and a haunted house with you Bruce. I truly hope that you pick me and will let me know as soon as possible it would be a dream come true for me.

  19. Peggy

    If you want some young , blonde bimbo to cry and scream, I’m not your girl , matter fact I’d slap the jerk silly to shut her up so I can get a great EVP!!!!

  20. I love horror shows, Id stay in a haunted house any time. I think it would be an adventure.

  21. Debi miller

    Gimme some sugar baby!

  22. Donald

    I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

  23. I’ve admired Bruce for years, and would love to meet/work with him. Also, I would totally rock that show.

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