New Magic Kingdom Welcome Show debuts at Walt Disney World

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Bright and early this morning, the Magic Kingdom debuted their new welcome show, “Let the Magic Begin.” The presentation accompanies another change to the Magic Kingdom–early admission to Main Street USA and its shops which now open prior to the rest of the park.

The show, itself, is simple in nature. A herald takes the stage at the scheduled time for park opening with a proclamation, welcoming everyone for the day. He is quickly joined by Mickey, Minnie, and a healthy selection of Disney princesses for the occasion. The climax of the show is reached when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears on the primary balcony of the castle and christens the day with a handful of pixie dust.




  1. Michael

    I watched a live stream of it this morning. I’m all for new things, but this was boring af. No reason at all to get up for rope drop anymore. No singing, no dancing, like five minutes long at best.
    I’m a former cast member, lifelong Disney fan (even met my wife there!), and I love Disney, but even I can see this was a money-grab to get everyone who was standing around outside the front gates into Main Street to spend their money. Super disappointed in a lame show.

    1. Greg

      Completely agreed. Always looked forward to the previous opening on trips. But I was OK with a change as long as it was a positive change, and liked the idea of earlier entrance into the park, even if it was just along Main Street. But the new show SUCKS. No music? Not even music before the show. At least in the plaza you hear Disney music while you are waiting. And not even a countdown? How hard would that have been to include? One really must wonder why someone was paid to come up with this new “show.” Maybe they wanted it to suck so people would want to shop more??

  2. Kevin

    I like the concept, but perhaps they should go back to the drawing board on execution.

    Also, how does this affect the ability of people with pre-rope-drop ADRs to get through the area to get to places like Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Royal Table, or Be Our Guest?

  3. Tina Harrison

    It pains me to say because I’m a HUGE Disney fan…. but I’m very disappointed in this. The original show was fantastic. Full of what Disney was all about… where’s the mayor….? Where’s the good morning song and the singing.. and the anticipation of the steam train arriving?

    I wouldn’t rush early to the park to watch the new show ??

    What a shame ???

  4. Daffystardust

    I’m on the same page with everyone who has commented here so far. Getting crowds into the park instead of smashed together out front is not a bad idea and probably makes things easier for park logistics and security, buuuuuuuut…this new show is extraordinarily lazy. No singing. No Dancing. Not worth seeing. The inclusion of the lines from Disneyland’s opening and the appearance of the Fairy Godmother are nice, but there is basically NOTHING ELSE to the show. From here on out I will be ignoring this show. Big minus of magic from the Magic Kingdom. Time for a major re-write.

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