Comments for Have some fun sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions: Disney Park walking distances

disney park walking distances


  1. Sam

    Based on a trip this summer:

    Disney Springs: 10.28 miles
    EPCOT/Animal Kingdom: 12.55 miles
    Magic Kingdom: 9.11 miles
    EPCOT/Hollywood Studios: 9.67 miles
    Disney Springs (Day 2): 6.27 miles

  2. Sarah Goff

    On our trip in September 2016, we averaged 13 miles per day. We were there for 11 days!

  3. DisneyMom4ever

    Did 11.2 miles yesterday park hopping!

  4. On my most recent trip in November, my family tallied just over 75 miles over eight days. Our lowest mileage total was about five miles and the highest was just about 13.5 in a single day.

  5. Tom

    Last March, we averaged about 21,000 steps a day, or around 9 miles.

  6. Botts

    My highest ever was the 2015 DL Half Weekend.

    Friday: 19,212 steps for 15.3km.
    Saturday: 37,499 steps for 30.1km. (Included DL 10KM)
    Sunday: 44,467 steps for 38.2km. (Included DL Half)

    So in 72 hours, I had 101,178 steps for 83km!

  7. Mark S Rubacky

    Back in August I went to all four parks and logged we 20.7 miles

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