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President Trump


  1. Carla Depasquale

    I will be boycotting the Hall of Presidents if trump is speaking.

    1. frostysnowman

      I won’t go in, either.

      1. Tony

        GREAT!! more seats for everyone else!!

        1. frostysnowman

          You are welcome to them. Glad to be of assistance.

          1. Lisa Profitt

            There will be all kinds of seats!!! LOL

        2. Virgina Smith

          Tony I love your thinking! To Helll with the DipShiits

        3. Sara

          Yes – more seats for true Americans.

      2. Virgina Smith

        Life would be ALOT better without you Queeers there!!!!

    2. Linda

      I will boycott if President Trump ISN’T speaking

      1. Ken

        Same here!

      2. Maria

        I want President Trump to receive the same respect as all the other Presidents this is America not some third world country.

      3. Dennis Hunt

        U better believe it me to good for u

      4. Sara

        Yes – more seats for true Americans.
        I will boycott if they don’t have President Trump speaking.

    3. Virgina Smith

      @ Carla Depasquale…….Shout The F*&K UP!!!!

    4. Natalie

      This bullying has to stop. Trump is our president and I expect disney to treat him with the same respect as Obama and all previous presidents.

      1. Dennis Hunt

        Live it iagree totally

      2. Sara

        Thank you. 🙂

    5. Sarah Graven

      Me too, I hope I only have to wait four years!

    6. Qwerty

      Can’t bring yourself to boycott dingbat world, eh? That says a lot.

    7. S. Applewhite

      I will be boycotting if President Trump does not speak.

      Just because you don’t like him let’s not forget that a lot of people do like him. That is why he is president.

      I have been to Disney World about 25 times and if Disney chooses not to let the current President speak then I will choose to NEVER visit you park again.

      1. Sara

        Same here S. Applewhite! I could never accept Disney if it went rogue and anti-American by rejecting our president. He won and as Americans we do not accept this crazy attack on our constitutional right to elect who “We The People” choose. President Trump Won. Stop crying and whining. (I hated when Barrack Hussein won and when we had to see and listen to his speech here) but as an American I had to wait and VOTE!!!!! deal with it

    8. reagan

      how dare they show history. i dont know if you know this but its history whether you like it or not. obama gave the speech and every president should

    9. Chuck Schumer's Glasses

      I”m with you I hate racist,sexist scumbags who get paid by Russia! Oh wait we are talking about President Trump not Bill Clinton sorry!

  2. Ed Kelemen

    I will boycott Disney if they bend to the will of the Politically Correct. It’s an amusement park for crying out loud, not a place for political statements. I go there to get away from all this crap.

    1. Adam

      Yeah! The Hall of Presidents is no place for politics!

    2. frostysnowman

      Excellent – that’s one less person waiting on line for the mine train. Unless you have a family, then it’s more. Woot!!

    3. Lisa Profitt

      Doing what is right, is always RIGHT!! Reguardless of vacation time. Disney needs to put PDumpf in a back dark corner, voiceless, and unnoticed. That’s how a Corrupt, Lying, Racist, Sexual Predator needs to be remembered!!

      1. Hank

        lying sexual predator? wait- when did they kick bill clinton out of the Hall of President’s??

    4. Jeanine

      ENOUGH! This is absolutely insane to even be considered. I would hope Disney would know better. Tired of this PC crap

  3. Dave Kneebush

    Yeah, either way you would have people boycott. Disney World is not the place for political debate.

  4. Tony

    This is a racist attempt against our new President by the politically correct culture evasive in this nation. I thought obama was racist garbage who destroyed this great nation but rather than start a petition to silence him I choose to boycott the Hall of President’s since 2001. It would be suicide for WDW to adhere to this idiocy.

    1. frostysnowman

      It’s really an attempt to keep a racist out of the Hall of Presidents. You know Disney won’t care about the petition, so calm down.

      1. Tony

        considering there have been other racists in the White House presently represented in the Hall of Presidents, including the one who occupied the WH the past 8 year, your comment is irrelevant.

        1. frostysnowman

          Since Obama was not a racist, yours is, too.

          1. Tony

            obama wasn’t a racist, just like he was good for America- LOL

    2. Kenneth

      I think Tony might be angry.

      1. Tony

        angry- nah; i don’t violently protest or destroy property at “protests”, i leave that to obama supporters and Trump haters!!!

        1. DC

          Obama was one of the best things to ever happen to this country and Tony belongs in a concentration camp along with every other Trump supporter. America would be a better place if everyone was literally a clone of each other, had the exact same political beliefs, and physically looked exactly like each other so that no one could tell who is who.

          1. Hank

            Concentration camps? You mean the way liberal hero FDR put Japanese into them in this country?? Why do liberals and obama supporters always revert to nazi tactics? probably because they were taught well by obama.

          2. DC

            We should’ve thrown the Nazis into Auschwitz after the war to give them a taste of their own medicine without a trial and have survivors do the honors of inflicting the same atrocities onto them. Even the camp doctors should’ve been subjected to the same “experiments” they performed on Jews. Genocide is only acceptable when its punishment for genocide. It’s called “an eye for an eye” sweetheart and “an eye for an eye” makes the world go round. Also if I were CEO of Disney, I’d close down the Japan and Germany pavilions to punish those countries for the war. You belong in a concentration camp yourself.

          3. Virgina Smith

            @ DC….there’s a hot seat waiting for you next to the Devil himself! LOLOLOL

          4. DC

            @Virginia Too bad there is no such thing as the Devil!!!

          5. Sara

            Same here S. Applewhite! I could never accept Disney if it went rogue and anti-American by rejecting our president. He won and as Americans we do not accept this crazy attack on our constitutional right to elect who “We The People” choose. President Trump Won. Stop crying and whining. (I hated when Barrack Hussein won and when we had to see and listen to his speech here) but as an American I had to wait and VOTE!!!!! deal with it.

        2. reagan

          obama was a awful president

        3. Dennis Hunt

          Good man tony iagree well said

      2. Hank

        Tony actually sounds more reasonable than the morons who want to silence President Trump. To sit here and make believe obama isn’t racist, considering many of the statements he made, is laughable yet typical of his supporters.

      3. Lisa Profitt

        Foolish ‘sheep following’ Tony!! LOLOLOLOL

      4. Tony

        LOL- I’m accused of being angry then a liberal says I should be thrown in a concentration camp…no one expects anything other than complete and total hypocrisy from liberals/anti-Trumpers/anti-Americans and this thread is proof…

        1. Kenneth Cox

          Well, your words led me to believe you are angry.

          Protesting is an American right. Violence is not and should not be encouraged. No, you should not be thrown into any camp for your viewpoint. I disagree with your claim that President Obama was racist.

          While I’ll choose not to go to the Hall while this man is highlighted, I do not agree that he should be silenced because I believe Disney would be sure the speech is not hateful or insulting.

          1. Tony

            LOL- Disnesy would also be repulsed by obama if you knew anything about him…

            protesting is a right but its only at liberal protests we see American flags burned, soldiers spit on, the chant for the murder of police officers, riots, violence and people saying they think about blowing up the White House…that’s the truth- if it seems angry to you take some medicine…

  5. Paul

    Yates wasn’t fired for speaking out, or even for her personal beliefs. She was fired for disobeying a lawful order, willful nonfeasance, and ordering her employees to do the same. No president can or should tolerate that kind of behavior, especially from a cabinet level officer. Please try to be objective and accurate.

    I sat courteously and quietly through Clinton, Obama, and both animatronic presidents Bush. It never spoiled my vacation or my appreciation for a Disney classic. I hope my fellow Disney fans will temper their passions for or against Trump with the same courtesy.

    1. frostysnowman

      Yates took an oath to uphold the constitution, and that includes the responsibility to disagree with an executive order if she feels there’s no legal reason for it. Jeff Sessions even told her during her confirmation hearings she might have to disagree with the President if she was confirmed into her previous position. She felt there were legal issues that needed to be settled before allowing her attorneys to argue the government’s case, so she was doing her job. The President should tolerate that because that’s her job, but our current President cannot handle disagreement in any form.

      1. Tony

        Yates is a left wing idealogue who offered no evidence to back up her bogus claim- it was based purely on her left wing ideology…you lose- again

        1. dave

          ms. yates was doing, what the liberal attorney general of california did. Now the senator from california. Refuse to defend the law of a democracy to the best of her ability. That is what liberals, do when they lose elections.

      2. Paul

        Legitimate disagreement is acceptable. Voicing it to your superiors is sometimes the responsible thing to do. However, disobedience of a lawful order is always insubordinate. Ask your favorite labor lawyer. The standard guidance is “obey first, grieve later.” You follow the orders you get, or you quit.

        FYI, she didn’t disobey on legal grounds. DOJ had already reviewed the policy and found it to be legal (which it is. And yes, I’m acquainted with this area of law).

        1. frostysnowman

          No, they didn’t. He said they did, but they didn’t.

    2. Lisa Profitt

      No. No curtesy given. PDumpf is a buffoon.

      1. Hank

        buffoons? that would be the sheep who think Trump should not talk in the Hall of Presidents.

  6. Ken Hutchinson

    I do not understand the anger on both sides of this issue. I work for the federal government and we DO NOT have public opinions on elections or policies. So I do understand why the acting SoJ was fired. She pulled a big no-no. But the White House has a habit of toning down everyone who resides in it. When President Obama was 1st elected he made a ton of claims and promises that he did not keep and it will be the same for this president. I respect both men they have held or hold a job no one should want.

    1. Sara

      Toning down? Toning down??? The white house (deep state – shadow government ) is more communist rule imposing too much control on the American people. We needed a bull in the china closet to give you all- a good swift kick -that we the people don’t want your over-controlling hand on us. …..and we don’t need you weakening this country so you can be big and strong false messiahs “owning it and the people.” The American people are not like other nations and won’t have it. you’ll see.

  7. Nancy Parkes

    This is just childish and absolutely politically DISRESPECTFUL of the office of the Presidency. PLEASE disregard the petition!

  8. Diana

    Only three sitting Presidents have ever recorded speeches for this attraction after it’s revamp in 1993: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Before that, when sitting presidents were added, they were all silent. So technically it’s not even really a long standing tradition for them to speak in the first place.

  9. Vee

    The Hall of Presidents is historical family fun depicting ALL of the U.S. Presidents, and any and all should be allowed to speak. This is childish nonsense. Whatever happened to, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”? Censoring opinions that you do not agree with is a dangerous and slippery slope. I hope these folks get a life.

    1. Sara

      yes yes

  10. EricJ

    We didn’t accept GW Bush as “our” president either–
    But Dubya had been gee-whiz hoping to get a big long speech all to his own figure’s self just like Bill Clinton did, and had to contend with Paul Presler wanting to shut the attraction down in ’00-’01.
    By the time the inauguration happened and the attraction stayed open, there was no time to craft a new show (away from the new Clinton “People and the Constitution” script), or record a speech for Bush, so the old show was put back in with a silent Bush. (IIRC?)

    Oh, well. These things happen. 🙂

  11. Lisa Profitt

    Because PDumpf will be included in The Hall of Presudent. My family and I will never go again.

    1. Hank

      the Hall of Presidents will still be around after President Trump’s two terms followed by the Mike Pence presidency. See you in 16 years!!

      1. Virgina Smith

        Hank IS my HERO!!!

  12. DC

    If I were CEO of Disney, not only would I not put Trump in the Hall of Presidents at all in an act of rebellion against him, I’d put Hillary in there with the narration describing how Trump brainwashed people into thinking he won but in fact Hillary Rodham Clinton is “the REAL 45th President of the United States.” That will also scare Trump supporters away from the resort.

    1. Hank

      that’s why you’ll never be CEO of Disney and you’re still living in your parents basement.

    2. Hank

      DC? oh right, the place the clinton’s will never live again!!! Enjoy the Trump presidency!!!

      1. DC

        Enjoy being brainwashed you hypnotized zombie. Hillary Clinton is the REAL president. I also have a job and make much more than you do you, little boy. And yes I will be CEO of Disney. Two words: HOSTILE TAKEOVER.

        1. Tony

          what exactly is hillary president of? except your fantasy world.

          1. DC

            Hillary is the 45th present of the United States you brainwashed idiot. Back t your concentration camp.

        2. Virgina Smith

          DC stands for Dick Crazy. Which everyone knows you are

          1. DC

            Shut up whore, DC stands for the greatest comic books of all time. Better than Marvel in every which way and that is a fact.

  13. AntiLib

    DC, Trump will bring this country back from its previous 8 years of festering and withering away to nothing. We were on the way to hell with a severely weakened military, DOUBLE, I repeat DOUBLE the national debt from 10.6 to nearly 20 trillion dollars. And don’t get me started on socialized medicine. It does not work.. just ask the thousands of Canadians that flock to the US every year for surgeries they have to wait months if not years for. This country WILL be great again. You have been brainwashed by the liberal media and all the lies, NOT Tony or all the others who see the path this great nation was heading down. America has spoken and the ship will be righted!

    1. Maggie

      Thanks for a voice of reality in this swamp of lies!

      Are folks really this ignorant? To not realize that OPM (other peoples money), given to the non-working EBT masses, was about to run out?

      1. AntiLib

        The middle class is dying. The liberal agenda is liberal social elite and poor dependents on big government. That’s why most of Hollywood are libs because they think it is the “IN” or cool thing to do.. They have so much money they don’t care.The ones like Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and the Kardashians brainwash our youth talking their liberal smack. Its funny because most idiots like these folks hardly understand any of the real issues and agendas that are going on.. They protest because it is cool.. I have never seen a bigger bunch of crybabies. Republicans were not protesting in droves when Obama was elected and came back for his second term.

        1. AmenBrother

          Yea look at Madonna and what she said she was going to do to the White House. That is a CRIME to threaten the life of any US President. She should be in jail right now!

    2. DC

      Maggie you are an untermensch and this country was better than it ever was under Obama. I have ZERO tolerance for people who think like you and people who think like you do not deserve human rights. If you are not liberal you are not American, you are an untermensch and belong in a concentration camp. Everybody should be legally forced to think the same. Trump will be impeached when the real American people rise up. Congress will even be bribed to do so.

  14. Maggie

    Wow! YUGE display of liberal ignorance on this site!
    Thank God for President Trump! All of the cast members can now keep their jobs as folks who now have jobs – thanks to Trump – can bring their families to Disney.

    Wake up, libs! America elected a great man to turn the mess the libs made, around. No more socialism!

    1. AntiLib

      Well spoken Maggie! You obviously spoke up and voted this country back on the path to righteousness.

      1. Maggie

        I can’t believe one commenter actually posted that Hillary was pres. LOL!

        They DO live, permanently, in Fantasyland 🙂

    2. Tony


    3. Ken

      I completely agree. Why don’t we start a petition to use another site besides insidethemagic if they’re going to be liberal. Why not be neutral?

    4. Sara


  15. Daphne

    There is a petition at ipetitions.com to make sure Trump is heard at WDW. Please go and sign!

    1. Tony

      Thank You Daphne….

    2. Ken

      can you please post the link?!?

  16. Ken

    I will proudly say I support Donald Trump. #Pro Life

  17. Karen


    1. EricJ

      Wow, the supporters have no idea how the 1st Amendment works, either! Thought it was just him! 😉
      (Translation: The Consty sez, Disney has EXACTLY the right to determine what their robot says or doesn’t, and not just because it’s not really the President, but because it’s -their- attraction. There’s precedent from the 70’s, if you wanna take it to the SC.)

  18. Steve

    Screw Disney World. Another libtard corporation to boycott.

  19. Kim

    Just because some disapprove of Trump, doesn’t mean we can just alter history .There were many presidents who did not meet our idea of acceptable.. In fact..most of us wouldn’t either..So..if we silence Trump at that ever popular Hall Of Presidents…we need to silence all….several of our past presidents had slaves..should we silence them? Some..broke the vows of marriage..should they be silenced? Some were impeached..should they be silenced??? Trump was elected..he wasn’t the choice of some…but he IS our president..if Disney caves..and silences Trump..they will be showing they are the “Happy Place” for everyone…to have him speak ISN’T showing they approve of him..or disapprove of him..They are just adding a president to the Hall Of Presidents…but to NOT let him speak..IS showing a bias they are not supposed to show..they are supposed to be for ALL THE PEOPLE..not just the disgruntled who didn’t vote for Trump…so..DON’T GO TO THE HALL OF PRESIDENTS if you don’t like him…I didn’t like several presidents..but they were our presidents! Just realize in 4 to 8 years another will take his place and this will be a moot point…Grow the hell up…

    1. Floyd

      “Some..broke the vows of marriage..should they be silenced? Some were impeached..should they be silenced???”

      If you’re referring to Bill Clinton, he no longer speaks, so that’s a moot point, too. Which is, I think, your point. 🙂

      For my part, I’ve NEVER liked the newer shows as much as the original one, where only Lincoln spoke. When they changed it in ’93, they re-recorded Lincoln’s voice with the same guy who did the Country Bears, and he SOUNDED like one of the Country Bears. And the original narrator was MUCH better than Maya Angelou and J. D. Hall. (Morgan Freeman wasn’t bad, though.)

      I remember going there back in July ’89, when I was in college, hoping I’d get to see the new robot of George H. W. Bush. I asked one of the staff when he’d be installed, and the guy smiled and said, “You’re in luck, ’cause they just put him in TODAY!” “All-RIGHT!!!” I said, smiling back and thanking him. Awesome memories …

  20. Michael

    Yes we will also no longer see this show, which is sad, because it is a great attraction, Trump should be place in the back ,

  21. catie

    Not a fan of Trump to any degree but I will understand and respect whatever decision the Disney company makes, which I’m sure everyone here knows deep down will be a speaking Trump. However, what is truly upsetting about this post are the comments. This is a website about Disney; why are we telling people they belong in concentration camps? Why are we spreading more hate for the sake of not spreading hate?

    1. Floyd

      catie — you’re right on target about the comments. Walt Disney would have been crushed to see an attraction he loved and labored over so much inspire this much hate. I’m starting to think that maybe it’s just time to shut the Hall down for good. It was an idealistic idea for an idealistic and hopeful time, but those days are obviously dead and gone.

    2. Floyd

      I find it so weird that in Lincoln’s original Hall of Presidents speech, as Royal Dano recorded it, he said: “If destruction be our lot, we ourselves must be its author, and its finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live for all time, or die by suicide.”

      Sadly, we seem to be about to do exactly that.

  22. MAGAone

    There are a whole bunch of people that forgot their campaign slogan “Love Trumps Hate”.

  23. Sheila

    Disney is very inclusive of all types of people. So why should they suddenly exclude President Trump’s giving a speech? If we claim to be liberal and open-minded, we don’t get to pick and choose who to be open-minded towards!

  24. Floyd

    I used to dearly love the Hall of Presidents, ever since I was a kid … but after reading all these sour, hostile, hate-filled comments about my favorite Disney attraction, I’ve come to believe they should just shut it down permanently.

    Walt created the Hall of Presidents because he was an optimist, an idealist and a romantic who wanted to share that idealism with children of all ages, and maybe even inspire new generations to want to grow up to be president — of ALL the people, not just half of them. But it’s clear to me now that Walt’s hope and idealism, like Frank Capra’s, are dead and gone, never to return.

    If we’ve become so hateful and cruel to each other that the Hall of Presidents has become yet another thing to spit venom and hurl insults over, then the Magic Kingdom can’t be magic as long as it’s there. All it can be now is just an ugly reminder of what everybody goes to Disney World to try to escape — if only for a few days. It’s time to close it down, for good.

    I’ve been to Disney World several times with my mom and late father (though my last visit was in ’93), and loved the Hall every time, but I’m never going back to see it again. Not because I hate Donald Trump or Barack Obama — but because I want to cherish my memories.

  25. Floyd

    One other thought — Disney may actually be FORCED to shut it down forever if Trump insists that they pay him a tremendous amount to use his name and likeness, and potentially his voice. (He’s trademarked himself, after all. And Trump and the Disney Co. aren’t exactly friendly.) Without the new president, what would be the point? What would they call it, “The Hall of Most of the Presidents”?

  26. Karl

    I just wanna eat a turkey leg and watch Wishes in peace.

  27. Tim

    I think ive got a solution to this. Disney should go back to letting Washington or Lincoln do all the talking. the spotlight should be set on Obama, while the two former presidents talk about how he’s almost ruined our country in the past 8 years, brought us to our knees in record debt, turned his back on our people by sending our jobs overseas and sending our planes full of our money over to other countries into the hands of our enemies (basically) and how hes also turned his back on our law enforcements and how our veterans are going without proper care all the while he was lobbying to letting people in this country to soak these benefits up at the U.S. taxpayers expense, while these same @$$-monkeys stomp on and burn our flag… (I could go on and on, but the show would last too long)…..AND THEN, (ya’ll know the part in the show where the backdrop sunset turns in an American Flag???) …..at that time, have a couple of really cool animatronics come out dressed as Secret Service agents and snatch Obama’s @$$ off the stage and just as they disappear, the curtain opens a little wider with him sitting in a jail cell, while America The Beautiful plays ending the show

  28. Mason

    If Hillary Clinton was elected people will have no problem with this.

  29. Mason

    People are overreacting over this. If there was a petition to make a president Hillary Clinton animatronic silent there will be a giant controversy.

  30. Jeannette Alston

    If Nixon is in it then Donald Trump should be too unfortunately. But he shouldn’t speak. What as he ever said to bring our nation together as one.

  31. True American Patriot

    He will speak get over it disney will stay out of politics shut up you babies

  32. Kristin_Texas

    Here’s a thought. If you dislike President Trump so much why not just skip the show? That’s what a lot of people did when Obama was added. It’s called accepting reality and being a mature adult. That’s life. Suck it up, Buttercup.

  33. Guy

    If the Trump animatronic does not speak, I will personally boycott everything Disney and spend a good deal of my own money and time campaigning to others to also boycott Disney – and I’m currently a 14 year annual passholder. I spend a lot of money at Disney World and I have a lot of money to spend on a boycott campaign. I can definitely hurt Disney where it hurts – in their bank accounts.

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