Adam Jacobs of original “Aladdin” Broadway run to star in North American tour

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Image Copyright Disney

“Aladdin” is going on tour! And the acclaimed musical production is bringing with it its original star, Adam Jacobs, who originated the role on Broadway and is still featured in the show’s current run.

Disney Theatrical Productions announced today that when the “Aladdin” North American tour begins on Tuesday, April 11th at the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago, Adam Jacobs will reprise the role he embodied so well on the Great White Way. Prior to that, Jacobs will leave the Broadway production on February 12th, to be replaced by understudy Joshua Dela Cruz until a more permanent re-casting is announced.

Image Copyright Cylla von Tiedemann
Image Copyright Cylla von Tiedemann

Tickets for the first Chicago performances of “Aladdin” are already on sale, with more dates and cities expected to be revealed soon!



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