Comments for Spread Christmas cheer with Lionel’s two new holiday-themed Disney Mickey Mouse train sets


  1. Harley

    As a person whom loves REAL trains and use to adore Lionel this is a disappointment! I grew up around screwing track in enjoying set up and creating the train board town as much as running the train! What’s with the plastic? save that for the houses not the trains!!! Oh And have we gotten so lazy we need remote control too!? Lionel I use to trust you 🙁

    1. Harold

      The larger train is plastic and made for kids. The bottom one is a Lionel O-Gauge, heavy and metal. The remote is so you don’t have to stand in one place and work the train… I have the bottom one and love it – and so do my kids!

  2. The Disney Mickey Mouse Express Ready-to-Play Set and Mickey’s Holiday to Remember” Christmas Set that are now available for purchase on Lionelstore.com and Amazon, perfect for Christmas trees and will certainly be a treasured part of your holiday decorations for years to come”
    I disagree. Look at: http://www.wbur.org/artery/2016/12/07/murder-on-the-polar-express
    Sincerely, Lenora

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