Disney’s Holidays Around the World: Germany

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Germany is steeped in Christmas traditions, not only did the Christmas Tree and the Advent Calendar originate there, but Kris Kringle (Santa Claus’ real name) is actually a variation of Christkind (Christ Child) – where the tradition of giving gifts for the holiday originated (via the Three Kings or Wise Men).  Krampus Nacht (night) is also celebrated in Germany (see more about Krampus in our story here).
In Germany, feasting is very much a holiday tradition. Roasted duck, red cabbage, apple sausage stuffing, and potato dumplings are among the delicious delights found on the dinner table.  Pastries, especially the Stollen (which is filled with fruit and nuts) are enjoyed for dessert.



In this edition of Epcot’s Holidays around the World video that our own JenniLynn shot, we learn of the German traditions of the Advent Calendar, scrumptious holiday dishes, Christmas Trees, and the Nutcracker.

Stay tuned to ITM. There’s more Christmas coverage of Epcot’s Holidays around the World to come!

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