Defying laws of physics, Japanese city working on ‘Spamusement Park’ with Hot Tub Roller Coaster

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Relaxation is an important part of bringing balance to one’s life. A spa is an excellent example of one way to achieve this relaxation but what if there was a way to combine an exciting vacation with the spa experience?

There is a city in Japan that has the world’s largest source of hot spring water and they’re planning to tap that resource into a spa-themed amusement park. Officials in Beppu City, Japan, recently released a promotional video in hopes of generating interest for their “Spamusement Park” project.



Imagine a theme park with hot tubs on the carousel or a shooting gallery in the steam room or a rail car filled with giant bath tubs. Add to that a modest ‘dress code’ of ONLY towels and you pretty much have the image down. . .

Watch for yourself and let us know what you think, in the comments below.  Would you visit the Spamusement Park? What attractions would you like to see?


  1. that looks weird yet awesome @ the same time

  2. EricJ

    Did anyone else first read that as “Spam-usement park”?

    1. GargantulaKon

      I did. I thought it was an article talking about taking down people who send spam.

  3. Sven Leichsenring

    This just looks so impossible to achieve and the whole “if we get 1million views we build it” sounds so sketchy. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s Japanese, I would say it would never happen in reality, but they do have crazy ideas.

  4. Garaan

    I have to say I think putting tubs full of soapy water on a roller coaster is asking for an injury lawsuit. Or possibly a drowning incident. And do they realize how much a roller coaster train full of water would -weigh-? Even without people in it?

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