Comments for Annual Passholder sweepstakes offers free trip to Disney’s China Theme Parks


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    My wife and I just did Asian Disney as our honeymoon. 4 days Tokyo Disney, 2 days Hong Kong Disney, 3 days shanghai Disney plus 10 days of local sightseeing. It cost under 6k for the both of us combined.

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    Man – we are passholders at DisneyParis – think they’ll do a similar promotion?

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    Where are we supposed to find our AP number?
    They do not list it on the My Disney Experience website, only that it is linked to our account.

    Thanks for your help, I am sure many others have the same question.

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      Marge, it’s on the back of your annual pass in the lower, left-hand corner.

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    So disappointed it’s not open to all annual pass holders we have them but don’t live in the US

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    Marc frohman ilke to win at disney

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