Comments for Walt Disney World Expanding Alcohol Offerings at Magic Kingdom Theme Park



  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Well booze at least might make the food at Tony’s taste good.

  2. Jim

    Alcohol and theme parks don’t mix. It’s a recipe for disaster.

  3. Garaan

    I’m not too sure it’ll make that much of a difference, since they still aren’t selling hard liquor (at least from what’s listed), but more importantly, alcohol at Disney is so /outrageously/ expensive, people will only be able to afford one, maybe two drinks.

  4. Timmy

    Maybe it will help to calm down the guests that are uptight. I don’t drink but people can’t live without it. It’s more of a Corporate World than Disney World. The ideas and visions of Walt are going down the wayside unfortunately.

  5. Tom

    Just what cast members need: more intoxicated adult guests berating them because they have to wait another hour for their kids to meet characters when they don’t have the common sense to plan their day or visit to WDW due to brain cells going on holiday

  6. Susan

    Americans have a knee jerk reaction to the serving of alcohol, envisioning intoxicated , out of control guests. Perhaps we should grow up and look at how other cultures look at wine and beer as “food” or beverages instead of mood altering drug. Personally I do not drink due to an alcohol allergy, but wine and beers can enhance the dining experience without leading down the path of abusive drunkeness. Walt knew this so he allowed alcohol in Club 33. I hope we have matured enough in 60 years to allow alcohol in the restaurants at the Magic Kingdom

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